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    DP-34 switch for sale

    If anyone needs a DP-34 let me know. We can work out a deal.
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    More stuff 4 sale, DP34, DP twin and DP single

    I'll be selling more of my stuff soon on Ebay. I have a DP34 switch, a Dish Pro Twin lnb and a Dish Pro Single lnb that I'll be putting up soon. I boudght all of these off of Ebay myself and never used them due to my giving up on ever getting a 921 and moving on to the pig.
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    And another 6000 for sale

    This one is on ebay. Has the yellow smart card, which I did activate. No balance. Has 8PSK but not the 8VSB module. Remote included, if I can find it under the couch. :D Bid early and often.