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    NBC Causes Hisense 2010 to lock up!

    I wound up emailing the engineer at our NBC affiliate. A week later it was fine. No more lock up. He did a email follow up with me shortly after.
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    NBC Causes Hisense 2010 to lock up!

    Ever since the analog termination the Hisense 2010 converters I have lock up when tuned to NBC in Milwaukee. They go to a "off the air" message that I can only clear by unplugging unit. Does anyone have similar issues?
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    Preamp vs Distro Amp?

    In general the mast mounted preamp will have lower noise figure and greater gain. A distribution amp will have more noise, less gain but more "power". The distribution amp won't overload so quickly. The amp in the rabbit ears is maybe an amp chip that has very limited operating parameters. The...
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    Obama wants to delay the transition to DTV

    1.34 billion worth of $40 coupons. That's 33.5 million coupons. How many people get their TV from OTA antennas?
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    Need For Channel Simulator Box

    I would bet an agile processor would do it. You could tune it to a digital channel and set the output to any channel you wanted.
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    Digital transistion postponed?

    The senate just voted to postpone the digital changeover for 4 month. June 2009 is the new date. Congress now will vote, but, it looks like it will pass.