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  1. Rob052067

    Comet TV

    Here in Columbus, Comet is aired by a non-Sinclair owned station (although the station is programmed by Sinclair owned station). Iceberg, what's an effective way to get DTV to add local sub-channels to their guide service so the AM21 will pick up the...
  2. Rob052067

    Genie Software update 0xa72 Sluggish

    It puts a forcefield around your home, just like the Jupiter 2 on Lost In Space!
  3. Rob052067

    Genie Software update 0xa72 Sluggish

    My HR44/200 was updated in 10/13/15 to 0xa72. The DVR functions are acting very sluggish now. I did a hard-reboot, but no improvement. Anyone else having the same issue?
  4. Rob052067

    Reelz (238) and Ovation (274) HD coming (now launched)

    GSN airs more original programming today, but used to air mostly classics. Sundance is another channel that needs to be updated to HD on Direct. Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  5. Rob052067

    Reelz (238) and Ovation (274) HD coming (now launched)

    I really want GSN in HD, too, Direct! Also would be nice to have HUB and WE and Oxygen and FX Movies and Pivot in HD, too! Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  6. Rob052067

    DirecTV Retransmission Consent Dispute with Dispatch Video

    This dispute was resolved tonight and WBNS 10TV is back on DTV in Columbus. This message was posted on WBNS Facebook page: "Attention DirecTV viewers: We’re pleased to let you know that we are back on DirecTV’s service. You can now enjoy all your favorite 10TV programming, including 10TV...
  7. Rob052067

    DirecTV Retransmission Consent Dispute with Dispatch Video

    I thought this dispute should have its own thread. These stations are pulled from DirecTV by Dispatch Video on 9/1/14: WBNS 10TV CBS in Columbus WTHR Ch13 NBC in Indianapolis
  8. Rob052067


    870 loaded last night.
  9. Rob052067

    Flint MI - Local NBC - Sound Issue

    Anyone with a Dish Hopper in Flint MI area experiencing a sound syncing issue with the local NBC channel? Non-Dish customers, too? My parents live there and have noticed the sound and picture being out of synch ably a second. They normally use a soundbar, but I found the same issue with...
  10. Rob052067


    It happened to me again twice tonight... :-( HR44/200 software version 0x863, Thu 5/15 At least now I know not to hit the Stop or Exit buttons!!
  11. Rob052067


    I thought I was going crazy! I knew I had only been Exiting my lost recorded shows and not Deleting them!!! Thanks guys!!
  12. Rob052067

    Local channels saying off air after 11:00pm

    Thanks for asking and answering, guys. Saves me a trip to MI to play tech support. My mom was telling me about this and was saying her Hopper was freezing up. I had her reboot and when she came back, it's was working. I guess she hadn't tried changing the channel.
  13. Rob052067

    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    Can't they just add a Watch app to the Hopper?
  14. Rob052067

    HD Channels On Demand Broadcasting in SD and Streaming On Demand VS Downloading

    While it's disappointing that network On-Demand programming is mostly in SD on DTV, surely done to conserve bandwidth, rarely am I going to use OD watch a program that I could just DVR. Especially with the limits on FFWD some networks require (it's the same for Cable). The premium channel's...
  15. Rob052067

    New Software for Genie out - 0x744

    Ditto. Just checked, and confirmed 746 loaded 10/29. Haven't tried to restore the wifi yet. Scratch that. Wifi is working again automatically.
  16. Rob052067

    New Software for Genie out - 0x744

    Recd this morning (Columbus).
  17. Rob052067

    Change Skip Duration?

    Worked for my HR44! Thanks. Hated Slip. Instructions here: