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    Suggestions on hiding a 1000.2 Dish?

    Seems like a lot of trouble on a daily basis to watch the games you are missing. I would go the DVR route and sling the games to a portable display device. You can watch the games live, record games that you may miss, and avoid the possibility of losing your job if you get caught installing a...
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    Quick External HD question

    Dish needs to add a list of "external hard drives that are or are not compatible with their receivers" to this page. I recently purchased the Samsung Story 1TB drive and spent 1 hour with technical support trying to recognize and format the drive only to find out that the drive is not...
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    Could Pandora be added to Dish on Line?

    I stream Pandora through my Roku box and it automatically logs into my Pandora account. The nice feature with Pandora on Roku is that the screensaver displays the current CD playing along with the cover art and title.
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    Anyone downgrade their subscriptions and gone to NETFLIX for the movies?

    I started with Dish and the AEP package then dropped to AT250 with 2 movie channels and currently have the AT200 package with no movie channels. I recently added the Roku box and joined Netflix. Neflix has been great so far both in streaming quality and speed of DVD shipments. I hope Netflix...
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    Enter To Win a BOXEE BOX by DLINK!

    Merry Christmas To All! Happy Holidays to Scott and his family and all the members of Satellite Guys.
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    Dish Network DVR Poll

    I'm not 95 years old and I'm a computer geek working in the IT field. I love technology and have a lot of tech toys but I don't have a DVR. Why? Here are my reasons: 1.) I personally don't watch that much TV. 2.) I refuse to pay all the extra fees for using a DVR. 3.) The quality of TV...
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    WTF DISH (another HDRSN RANT!)

    Sounds like goaliebob99 is living up to his name and is currently broadcasting at 430 watts. Will someone please give Bob his meds before he blows a blood vessel. :rant: Seriously, I don't blame you for being upset. If you have been a Dish customer for a while, you should expect QVC-HD...
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    I get new HD, mom down the road does not

    I had to call to get the other HD channels turned on. I have AT250 w/GoldHD and I receive 110/119/129 satellites. I had to call Dish to have the additional HD channels enabled. I tried to do it online but for some strange reason, I could not access my HD options under my account. :confused...
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    Can you get the new HD from DISH?

    I agree! Definitely "no thanks" to DISH and a very nice "thank you" to Satellite Guys for notifying us of these changes. I had to establish a chat session with CSR to get my channels enabled. I tried to do it online but my HD options were not available to me for viewing. I could change other...
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    Dish Network: Poor video quality using coax cable. Dish techs at a loss!

    Vizio tuner issue suggestion I bet you are right on the Vizio tuner issue. Vizio tuners are not very good and there are a lot of issues posted on the internet for problems with the Vizio sets. I wonder if the Vizio tuners are having problems handling MPEG4 compression? IMO, I think...
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    Loud volume on sd channels.

    I mute the loud advertisements I hate the loud commercials so much that I sit with the remote near me and I hit the mute button when they come on. It's always the same commercials that are doing this (Magic Jack, DirectBuy etc.) and it doesn't matter whether it's SD or HD channel. I wouldn't...
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    intermittent reception on sat129

    Try changing transponder I had the same problem with 129 and I was dropping signal. I thought my satellite dish was out of alignment but I decided to try and change the transponder channel to the strongest signal. I haven't had the problem since. I checked 129 transponder 22 and noticed that...
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    ENTER HERE TO WIN: Sadoun Meter giveaway!(Contest Over)

    Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat! The treat is the Sadoun signal meter. The trick is get DISH to provide true HD!
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    811 P3.35 Download 2/9/06

    811 P3.35 download received When I arrived home from work today, I was prompted for the P3.35 software upgrade on my 811. :eek: I was real hesitant to upgrade but I figured the picture couldn't get much worse beyond the component wash out. I accepted the download and it took about 20...
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    811 P3.34, Scheduled for 1-10-06

    Upgrade washed out my picture I got the upgrade on Tuesday and now my picture on my plasma looks like analog TV. :mad: The picture is all washed out and HDNET looks awful. I am running on Component outputs. Thanks Dish Network! I will give Dish Network one week to fix this new problem they...
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    Enter Here For The Xbox 360

    I want to win! I want to win! Gary
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    12 Satellite Dishes and 5,000 channels!

    Clink on the link below to see a photo of a guy in front of his house with 12 satellite dishes hooked up and #13 on it's way. He has 5,000 channels total. :eek: He definitely wins the award for the most complicated setup. Words he would never say....there is nothing good on TV tonight...
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    Clear Channel makes 200 stations digital

    Now you can hear the SCREAMING car commercials in clear digital sound in addition to the same 10 songs over and over. Yeah right! No way would I go back to listening to regular radio again no matter how good it sounds. If satellite radio goes bankrupt, I would go back to listening to CD's...
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    Is there a planned replacement for the 811?

    If it has as many problems as the 811, it should be Model 666.
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    post pictures of your setup!

    Oops! Stickers are gone! Cyclone - you were correct on the stickers. :o I'm so focused on installing the equipment and watching the plasma, I forget to peel them off. After a while, I never even noticed them. I should have invited you over to relieve your compulsive disorder. :) I...
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    post pictures of your setup!

    Pictures of my setup. I would first like to mention that I enjoy all the home theater photos that have been posted to this thread. The setup photos display some do's and don'ts when setting up a home theater. I also feel that you should design it by your budget and ask lots of questions to...
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    What's Your Package?

    Subsciption Package Poll I am currently subscribed to AEP and HD packages. :cool:
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    So what do you think of Sirius?

    Sirius is excellent! I love the sound and the selection. I am hooked on the 80's Hairbands channel and like the idea of uncensoring the music. :music Great move by Dish! :yes
  24. Netstar

    811 Reset - How many?

    Reset 811 Receiver daily I reset my 811 every day when I get home from work. :mad: I tried leaving the receiver off until I got home but I had to unplug the receiver after the guide downloaded and no picture. I then left the receiver on all day with a music station playing :music but that...
  25. Netstar

    811 Software Update?

    Switched from component to s-video results I switched from component to s-video and the picture went dark. Switched back to component and the picture was perfect. I could not test the difference with the component cables that came with the 811 vs the high-end component cables that I...