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    Increased billing

    You must think we are complete imbecils or you are. If all you did was break out the locals, the basic package would have to have gone down by $10 when the locals were seperated out and no longer included in the basic package. You actually used this nonsensial agrument to increase your regular...
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    Increased billing

    But thay lied and said they had actually decreased the bill by $5 (+10-$5) on their part.. The locals breakout did not cause any increase merely shifted where they showed on the bill - so a $5 increase by Dish not a $5 decrease. Why not just admit they increased the bill by $5. Hate being lied...
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    Increased billing

    Dish broke out my locals and charged $10 extra. Since locals were previously included in my package, there should have been no change in the overall bill, but it went up $10 anyway because of this so called separation. Thus, a simple lie . They must think their customers are idiots. They then...
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    mutisport package vs direct tv nfl season pass

    I think, as in the past, you have to wait till all the Sunday games are over to watch so basically the next day. If you could watch as soon as game is over (and before you see the score) might consider.
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    Not carried in the Greenville area. Many of us can not get it OTA either in our far flung DMA. . From those who can or on cable, I understand it is a very good addition. Dish let's add it.
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    Channel 32 Toccoa GA

    I am in the DMA area for upstate SC, western NC and NE Ga. Channel 32 out of Toccoa Ga has been carried for a good while but no longer shows up on my receiver. I called CS but they seemed to have no clue. It still is on the local cable. Anyone else noticing this? Thanks
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    Weather nation (Now available on ch 215)

    A joke I assume. It would be nice to have an interactive application for this channel, like 213, that would save some time (over the general interactive channel) in getting to its local weather.
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    FOX News Channel/DISH dispute

    Yes, at least with Fox News and Fox Business News. Bloomberg News was available ala carte last time I looked. Murdock and his national enquirer type crowd are always causing trouble of one type or another so a good solution, Dish. Be careful though. They might start hacking your emails too.
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    DISH Beats FOX again in Appeals Court
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    5 most hated companies in America

    Actually, I saw it first in Bloomberg Businessweek's print edition last year. Looked up the site when I thought it was appropriate for this thread and to verify my original comment, and thought some here might be interested. Bloomberg is a rather respectable financial news organization and the...
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    5 most hated companies in America

    PS. Acually it said meanest company and a little older than I thought..
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    5 most hated companies in America

    There was an article on Dish as the worst company in America in a fairly recent (last 6 months, I think) Bloomberg Businessweek. A lot had to do with unhappy employees as I recall.
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    Watchespn access on my LG G2

    Now works on Nexus 7, laptop and Roku. Not sure if any additional blackouts on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU. Can also log in under Dish on wife's Nook HD tablet, but app does not yet work properly.
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    Watchespn access on my LG G2

    Anybody can get ESPN 3. It is the other ESPN channels that require a participating provider, and still no seeing it on Nexus, laptop (or Roku for that matter)
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    Watchespn access on my LG G2

    Still does not show Dish as a provider on my Nexus 7 android tablet (or my laptop) although most major cable companies are listed. I called Dish CS about this issue about 3 weeks ago, and they said someone would call me back within 72 hours with an answer, but never happened. I then sent an...
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    DISH to Provide SEC Network Nationally for Aug. 14, 2014 Debut

    The email I got from ESPN today on Dish carrying the SEC Network said nationally. I had signed the petition requesting Dish to carry it. Did not mention prices, multi-sports etc., but from the release and the posts here I assume AT120 and above.
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    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    Again, not according to the SEC Network which should know. "Sources say" is basically crap. Only Dish, ESPN and the SEC know. We may get it anyway, but lets sign the petition which might increase our chances if enough Dish customers request it.. As to cost going...
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    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    Maybe, but not according to the SEC Network page which says Dish has not signed on (at least in my zip code)
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    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    One more vote for SEC Network. Failure to do this will force me to leave Dish after 14 years especially after their over 100% increase in the sports package (from $49 a year) over the last few years. Does anyone know what DirectTV's current stance is on this? Since I live in an SEC state I...
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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

    Or go back to something like the old channel 9500 or 9600 where you clicked on the channel and got local weather within a few seconds. However, Dish does not want to do this as it bypasses too much of their interactive crap. TWC is worthless, on Dish, for local weather.
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    Al Jazeera will be in Dish Channel 218 and Direct TV Channel 358 from August 20th

    The two are not independent, but are sister stations so views of the Arabic one likely reflects the beliefs of the other - thus political by nature Al Jazerra means the island (or peninsula) referring to the Arabic peninsula. Almost all, if not all, of these countries are run by strict...
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    MLB Strike Zone to Launch

    Unrealistic and incorrect comparison. According to DISH, I get MLBN, NFL, NBA, and NHL channels because I subscribe to Top 250 package. They do not concern the Multi Sports package. Their cost are reflected in the price increases in 250, but not MSP. The same for most others added in recent...
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    Phils/Pirates blacked out on MLB Alternate-in Texas???

    Can you PM me on that or is that not allowed?
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    MLB Strike Zone to Launch

    Actually I do care as red zone raised the price of the Multi Sports package substantially and Dish will probable use strike zone to help do the same. My MSP annual premium has gone up about fifty percent the last few years, and since I renewed in Jan before the last two dollar monthly increase...
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    MLB Strike Zone to Launch

    Works fairly well here, as well, with my ROKU after they got the bugs out in spring training games. I was a beta tester for them so know they worked on it. A PC laptop connected to a TV has worked fine for all 4 years I have used this - since Dish dropped EI. LG TV internet app has been flaky...