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    Dish Showing No Favoritism in Politics

    they ran out of $
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    Eastern Arc Dish Info & Install Guide

    they need band with for the locals
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    Computer Monitor Recommendations

    I have a gateway 22 anti glare great LCD
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    $20 for HD is nuts

    don't for get the voom channels e has d doesn't have
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    External Hard Drive Archive Bug Thread

    wd 500 my book died replace it with a external case. just turn it on when needed.
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    Vista - Yes or No?

    go to ubuntu linux save your $$$$$$$ dual boot your xp or 2000 then compare i am saying good by micro crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    HD-DVR Pricing

    Thinking of switching from dish to hd direct tv
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    Dish PVR/DVR Questions

    keep your 4900 running, us it when your 508 is recording. unless you get dual tuner.
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    Good-bye Dish! Hello Comcast!

    :smug I think I will stick with I have and see what happens. all this moving around cost BUCKS
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    Early Contract Termination

    Let charlie play hard ball with them . Its about time
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    Keep HD6000 ???

    Keep The 6000 For A Back Up Or Second Reciever For A Second Room.
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    DVR510 crashing and rebooting

    Tell them you have a bad power supply.
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    DVR510 crashing and rebooting

    I have a 508 did the same thing. just have dish replace it. I love mine.
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    Dish to introduce portable DVR by XMAS

    dish needs to work on there current problems, wait for upgrade
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    Twin Cities ch 5 video flicker problem

    my correction anti E thanks
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    Twin Cities ch 5 video flicker problem

    kstp has at times sends poor quality signal at times. kstp is anti D :|
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    got a 921, now selling 6000

    keep your 6000 for a backup or second receiver. you can watch hd channels on a regular tv. just a thought. :D
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    Direct TV HD on a 4 X 3 TV

    your sony has the same problem that have. get a service manuel adjust the auto 16.9 ratio off. this will let 811 work with your set. sony wont help.