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  1. KAB

    Miracal Workers: Oregon Trail

    Anybody been watching the last two weeks on TBS? Some pretty hysterical stuff! Steve Buscemi at near his best. Daniel Radcliffe not bad either.
  2. KAB

    Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    After the opening, MCU caliber thrill ride, I was mostly disappointed from there on. Hope it finds some purpose by the next week.
  3. KAB

    Alexa not working with Hopper. Joeys are OK.

    As said in title, try to get Alexa to change channels on Hopper. It conforms it's doing it...but not. Joeys are still responding fine. Even changed out Dots to no avail. Anybody else?
  4. KAB

    $50 off iPad at BB

    Been thinking about getting a new one since my V4 stopped at ios 14. I still use it alot for odds and ends purposes. At $279, I pulled the trigger.
  5. KAB


    Reviewers have not been the kindest, but I't's a Hitchcock love fest, AFAIK. If you have a TV with Dolby Vision/HDR10, you MUST watch. The first show to take full advantage of the technology. Beautiful to watch!!!
  6. KAB

    Comcast/Peacock vs Roku
  7. KAB

    THE BOYS are back, 9/4

    Can't wait!
  8. KAB

    Absentia Season 3, Amazon

    Twists, turns, suspense and action galore. By far, the best season of the series. Hope it gets picked up for #4! What's also interesting is that it is filmed in Bulgaria, but takes place in Boston.
  9. KAB

    Marcella S3-Nwtflix

    If you were like me and discovered and watched, and loved this serialized thriller for 2 seasons, a warning! This one is too illogical and dark. I feel certain this will be the end of the serieds
  10. KAB

    Kingdom - Netflix

    First of all, NOT The Last Kingdom. One helluva show with an new (and old) twist in the Zombie genre. From South Korea, and beautifully executed. If you try it out, don't do the English overdub, pretty lame. Just do English subtitles. I think it's already been renewed for season three...
  11. KAB

    What gives with Gift vs Purchase options for Pub Memberships?

    I received a reminder that my membership is about to expire. When I went to the upgrade page, "Purchase" was not as option for a one year membership. only Gift. Purchase is available for a 2 year. So, are we being forced into 2 years agreements? If so, I will probably decline.
  12. KAB

    Ozark S 3 (Netflix)

    Watch it if you watched the first two. So far, the best after 4 eps. No doubt it will multiple Emmy's again. Bateman directed the first twp eps. This is the good stuff of streaming, along with Bosch and Bad Boys.
  13. KAB

    Locke & Key - Netflix

    Consider this show the scratch for the next Stranger Things itch. Entertaining, though flawed...sometimes you just want to beat the crap out of some of the characters for being stupid. It's earned a 73% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, which I would concur with.
  14. KAB

    October Faction - Netflix

    Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Love the lead actors. A fresh/satirical new take on "monster killers" I would have to put it in the same category with Stranger Things, though a bit darker.
  15. KAB

    Anyone else not have CBS shows recorded in Prime Time Anytime 1/7?

    Had not set recording, but wanted to watch new FBI series. I have a timer for the original, so I got it, but no other CBS show were listed in PTAT. Could be a problem with out local Indianapolis affiliate. Wondered is anybody else ran across this.
  16. KAB

    The Expanse...Amazon Prime

    On tonight, 9 PM EST.
  17. KAB

    Why is UHD at a standstill?

    There have been no new players released this year (at least affordable ones). Ones available are far from perfect. Prices are not coming down. Just seems like it's stuck in a rut.
  18. KAB

    Prodigal Son

    I've got to say this has become one of my must see shows. Last night in particular was intense from start to finish. Good to see "Jesus" again. If you're not watching, you should!.
  19. KAB


    Since no one has started a thread. It;s a slow, but creepy burn. Perfectly casted. (Luke Cage).. Worth a watch from the couple who created the Good Wife/Fight.
  20. KAB

    OTA bypasses CBS AutoHop delay

    I have iffy reception on our CBS station since it is locate about 25 miles south of Indy, and one of the reasons I have kept the locals option. A couple days ago, my wife and I played with antenna and got a "75". Last night I recorded Madame Secretary on the OTA channel and AutoHop was enabled...