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    E* 29 HD Channels

    They could have 30 if they were to carry the "Alan Kalter's People Who Can Kiss My Ass" channel in HD...:D My crystal ball says by the time there are any systems (cable, DBS, thought transfer) which carry enough HD channels to satisfy 25% of the people on this board, they will already be...
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    how does a 501 record video??

    The Dishrip solution has worked for me, you'll use between 1-1.3 GB/hr for recordings off of it. Then you get to edit the recordings . . . I had been doing it with TMPGenc, that way I can resize the picture and edit out commercials at the same time, but it's such a pain that I realize there's...
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    Breaking Echostar vs Viacom News

    Which I am sure they will pass along to us customers who are without these channels for x months :rolleyes: Although I am quite sure there are several shopp-I mean replacement channels that they will put up for us.
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    Hate to say this:

    My dad's cable company (Armstrong) also has one, its the Moto 6208. I am in a Comcast area, and we don't have any DVR (sometime this year). Another thing, his cable co. is passing the 5.1 signals on every premium channel that has them (like Max and ENCORE). Cable seems to be the hot ticket...
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    921's are IN!

    Can we use coupon code "TENOFF" ??
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    Not my idea of a major deal...

    So on the chat, they talked about "What they're doing for people who ALREADY have an HD set" and then proceed to show the HDTV in a box commercial!! Wake up, E* this is NOT my idea of a deal. I already have an HD set. (Just venting)...
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    NFL Playoff this Weekend!

    Game rating for overall PQ would have to be 1. Ind vs. KC 2. Ten vs. NE (although the colors looked off) 2 1/2. Car vs. St L 10. GB vs. Phi I thought Saturday's Faux game was one of the best Faux games I have seen for PQ overall. The GB game paled in comparison IMNSHO.
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    C-Band Losses Mount in 2003

    My dad has a BUD, and is thinking of going to Dish. One thing which doesn't help C-Band is the announcements he gets every couple months with a list of more channels which are leaving (analog) C-Band. These channels are apparently available on 4DTV, but you can't get the Sidecar unit anymore...
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    What do I need to do now (LNBF/Switch questions) for 921?

    Of course, this has all been simplified by the move to 110 for most of the HD I want. So I'm just getting a Quad LNB (legacy) for now, and have another dish I can put up to get 61.5 if I need to in the future, using the old SW21's which will be eliminated by the Quad.
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    Scott's 921 Has Arrived!

    Probably another delay in shipping more would be the result :shock: I was going to post an actual question here for Scott, but realized it would involve recording 3 streams... so here's my other question. Can you record consecutive programs as different programs, such as Alias from 9-10...
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    SatelliteGuys 921 Review

    AFAIK, Tivo gets its PG information from Tribune Media, as I had emailed about lineup changes back when I used it for more than an equipment spacer, and they told me that they had to wait for the corrected lineups from Tribune.
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    Any news on the Turner channels?

    I like CNN on my wait that's cinammon. Seriously, I would really hate to lose TCM. Really. Did I mention I would like to not lose TCM? Don't even compare AMC to TCM, even my cat knows what a commercial interruption is.
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    DVR 921 at

    sparker, get on the list at, like several (hundred?) of us have already done. Also, get in touch with your local dealers (even try rat shack as they are Dish distributors at least here in my area).
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    DVR 921 at

    Thanks for this info Rob, this is more than I have heard from them. I can't realistically order this from a dealer I don't know without using a credit card, you are giving up some consumer protection. I guess I'll wait for my local dealer or that Now where should I get my...
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    DVR 921 at

    This is on their web site now... The click here for ordering info is an email link. I have emailed them (Wednesday) but have received no response (as of Friday). I would be willing to order one of these, but would like to know they will be able to ship it to me in a timely fashion (like...
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    DVR 921 at

    I can think of several manufacturers who should probably have exactly that as their logo...
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    Disturbing news on the Turner Channels

    I was offended during the chat by charlie comparing AMC to TCM, saying ...well these movies on TCM are also shown on AMC, Disney, etc etc. Well here on TCM those movies are typically shown in OAR, and without silly commercial breaks every 15 minutes (AMC) or 5 minutes (Disney and others), and...
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    Sweeeet! HBO-HD and Showtime HD to move to 110

    According to Charlie, they're moving on Dec. 19 from 61.5/148 to I don't need to put another dish up!! 8)
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    Sound Output with TOSLink issue with 811

    Look at the end of the cable when you unplug it from your receiver, if the output from the 811 is on, you should see a red light (TOSlink uses visible red light). I would hope the output would not be on when the 811 is off.
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    921 Pre Orders

    I would just hope to have one for the season premiere of 'Six Feet Under' and the HDNet showings of 'Odyssey 5'...although the playoffs and Super Bowl twould be nice also. Hard to tell what will come first, me hooking up a 921 in my living room, or Cinemax and/or Starz! HD . . . . :shock: