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    dish america to be a mid-range pack?

    i uset to have the welcome pack unto this site teach me i can get espn in the d amerca pack four relly only a few more bucks month cause i alreddy had some movie chanel and fought i wood just rather have espn and usa and discovry and spike. it is good pack and fit nicley in too my budjet now...
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    kindle book write process

    has anyone writtan a book for the kindle and was the process hard or easy for some one like myself that has very limted computer skill? ive herd it can be quite profibeble and im looking ot make some extra $. i quit my job earlyer this year and have been unable two find employment cents that...
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    how does the fb platorm on here work?

    i just notice we have a fac ebook connect platform button and i was curous if anyone had used it and how it work with fb integrashion? does it show my info on here i wood like to remain as private as possable. thinks to anyone that cna help me.
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    dish hd receever ?

    i gots a ? about the dish hd receevers particly the 621 may be 612 or 722 and abot there reecordeng capassities. i notace one can reecord abot 350 hrs of programmeng thats alot but it says in sd. i have a ?. can i reecord an hd proggram in sd? if something is on tv on say a hd chanel l89ke mavtv...
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    how to quit job

    i have been diagnosedwith ms and no longer want to work at least not at my current place of work i have been strangly consideringleaving but donot know what problems programs might ebe availbale to me. i wont towalk out no expanation whatsoeverbut i dont know i wont people to rememebr me as...
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    good movies you watch have saw on lifteime or l m n

    i wantedto start a froum about lifetime or l m n movies you watch on dish in just a few short hours crieds unheard the donna yakelich storywillbe airing on l m n at 6 pm i know i will upgradelonge enough to get a dvr of the film before quicklydowngrad ing going back to my normal progr4aning...
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    welcome pack roomer...

    i redd on another site that it was roomered that bio bravo and espn 2 were hedded to the welcome pack. dont know what was being removed in place but it did not say. anyone else here anything abot this?
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    epix queston

    just got email from dish that says epix 3 now incudes all 3 channles epix 1, 2 and 3. are 1 and 2 also in sd?
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    ? about big ten net

    I have noteced that Btn is listed as a reg. Channel in at200. I am not in a big ten state but want that chanel when I step up from 100. is it unlocked for ever one in 200 (I mean the rsn is listed separately In the line up) or will I need the multisport? if I need multisport I may just go to...
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    how to find locals in hd. Moving?

    How can i fine out which locals are in hd and conus? any one have a suggestion.
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    cbs sports net

    i get it withmy welcome package. it is not listed on 102 the free preview chanel. is it for real or is it to make up for the subs that lost there rsn?
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    wasn't welcome and family discontinued????

    :confused: long story short is that we watch a lot of hockey and with nhl season coming back up (ci was on my bill) we drop to smaller package. last year we went from 250 to 100 but we have been doing a lot of itunes and netflix and never went back to 250. we decided to go with the cincy locals...
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    questions about iphone, data use and laptop

    i hope im not asking any stupid questions but i cannot find anything in search for some of these. first, do i have to "tether" through att to be able to use the phone as my modem for a laptop? not interested in using it to run a ps3 or wii or anything like that. can i simpy hook it in with a...
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    Upgrading with Welcome Pack. Can I go back/

    im wanting to upgrade to at100 get espnu for the softball series including the salection show tonight. i have owned equipmant. can i go back to welcome pack when the softball is over since i own my equipmant or am i forced to stay at at least family or above?
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    moving question.

    can someone tell me how to check signal stength for a different set of locals. im thinking about "moving" to jacksonville but am in habersham georgia and dont know if they will reach here. everything but the ion network is on spotbeam according to this site... EKB: Dish Network Channel Chart...
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    cbs college sports family pack

    because of the economy and the changes in pricing as well as just needing to save money and not being at home enough to justify spending much more than $25 bucks a month on tv we are going to downgrade from bronze to the welcome package or family pack. we like some things about each package...
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    will vs or nat geo be next in bronze?

    they have started a trend with dish of giving one of the free channels to the bronze package. sometimes even unannounced. what do you thank the next channel will be in bronze and do you that have it thank it sucks? i know that style and espn u are no in it.
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    AAD HD Question

    can i get the la hd fox with a 522 reicever and pointed at 119 and 110? i tried the search but no luck today
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    off the wall ? (cat training)

    adopted kitten that was 8 weeks old. she is non stop meowing and cannot use litter box. :rant: she came from group of four siblings. how can i train her and get her to be quiet at night?
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    easiest way for non computer literate person to hook up wii

    i even tried the wireless deal with my ps3 and it just wouldnt work. the only success i had was pulling the router that serves my computer and moving it across the house and hooking it up that way. i dont care so much for hooking the ps3 up again right now (even tho it would be nice) but want to...