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    Free Previews

    If you like your movies in SD, the Encore Free Preview is up and running on my guide.
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    OTA recordings breaking up...

    It is very frustrating. I really would enjoy watching some of the many local sub-channels, but this problem prevents any reasonable watching. I had a timer set sometime ago for my wife that I had pretty much forgotten about and assumed all was well. The season's over half over and I...
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    Free Previews

    Got a mailer from DISH showing some Premium Free Previews coming up: Starz - Feb. 2 - 5 Showtime - Feb. 9 - 12 HBO/Cinemax - Feb. 16 - 19 StarzEncore - Feb23 - 26 Warm up the DVRs.....
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    OTA Breakup Problem

    Same here. I would probably watch more of the local subchannels, but the audio dropouts are way too distracting. Don't know what else to do. <shrug>
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    Odd breakup of OTA channels on only one receiver

    What kind of wiring problems would cause this? I have pretty much the same issue. The OTA channels play fine on my Hopper3, but the Joeys have pixelization and audio drop outs. The thing is, some days (rarely) they have played fine on the Joeys and then they don't. ????
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    Any way to hide recordings on H3 from Dish Anywhere?

    If one copies recordings into a folder on the DVR, does DishAnywhere recognize that they are there?
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    U502 has blown up OTA...again.

    I'm having the exact same problem. I have a Hopper 3 that is less than a year old with the single OTA adapter. The channels play fine on the Hopper itself, but I have video/audio breakup on my 3 Joeys.
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    Next subchannel you think/hope Dish will add?

    Comet would be my first choice. Call me lazy, but I'm too used to the channel guide and setting timers. Lots of fun stuff on this channel that I'd like to record and watch.
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    External Harddrive

    Hi mikeyinokc, There was a similar question listed in the following thread: This is my experience that I responded with.... "I was able to finally get a 3TB drive to work, but I had to jump through alot of hoops to...
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    Size of external hard drive

    I was able to finally get a 3TB drive to work, but I had to jump through alot of hoops to make it so. When I first plugged it in, I couldn't get it to work at all. It said it was formatting, but sometime after 36 hours I decided it was stuck. I ended up cloning one of my smaller drives to this...
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    Enter to Win a HopperGO!

    I would like to win a HopperGO!
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    Netflix freezing up Joey.

    Pretty much every time we use Netflix with the Super Joey it locks up, or it continues playing with no capability to use the remote. We have to do a full reboot to get control back. Very frustrating. I have Roku devices, so I've told the kids to just use the Roku since the Dish Netflix App...
  13. O not working

    Well, I gave this a try and it didn't work. I'm leaning towards some kind of authentication issue. When I log in to dishanywhere from my PC, under my DVR tab it is displays shows that I did not and would not have recorded with dates from last Spring (I got my Hopper last week). Under the...
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    Unlock Home Video Network?

    Thanks for the confirmation. I was hoping otherwise. Maybe they'll get to it sometime "soon".
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    Unlock Home Video Network?

    I can confirm that it was "open" when I first was exploring. As soon as I set the Parental Controls, it required the password. Sounds like that's where it will stay. It would be nice to have some flexibility to turn it on and off. Thanks for your response!
  16. O not working

    Did you ever find a fix for this? I am currently having the same problem. I can access the Hopper fine with my phone, but when I try with the PC it will not connect. Dishanywhere was working fine with my 722s, but when I upgraded to the Hopper, PC access has not been possible.
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    Unlock Home Video Network?

    I'm new to the Hopper this week and have been exploring the various features. I found that it recognized and accessed my Plex Server, which is a great feature! However, I have my Hopper set up with parental locks and when I did this, it locked the Plex access as well, so I would need to enter...
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    Dishanwhere down?

    I was able to log on and see both of my 722's just now.