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    HD Only

    I remember a post saying that you can order a HD ONLY package, but I can't find the link anymore. Does anyone know the link? Thanks.
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    Comcast HD

    I have had Comcast HD for a while now and ever since I got it I have had some questions. 1. Whenever there is a lot of motion on my TV pixelization occurs temporarily, does anyone else experience this? 2. Is there a way to check my signal strength? I have gone into the cable box setup and...
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    What is Worldsport HD's website

    I want to check what they are showing for the next month. If someone could tell me the website I would appriciate it. :)
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    2nd satellite

    Do you think that once the 2nd satellite goes up in october (assuming there will be a lot more channels) there will be maby 3 or 4 channel lineups to choose from? I hope they do becaue I mainly want more sports without having to sign up for other channels I don't want.
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    Fox sports net

    Any news on Voom getting FSN? I would like them to have all of the regions if they get it also.
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    looking for an answer

    I have Comcast right now, and am most likely going to keep it if they get TNT HD in time for the playoffs. I will switch to Voom if they don't get it. Does anyone know if Comcast has plans to got the channel? (The sales people @ comcast are the most clueless people I have ever talked to and...
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    Voom cables

    I already have cable installed and am going to make the switch to Voom anytime. I was wondering if they could somehow connect the satellite to my old cables which are already installed. Or do they have to run new cables throught my house? Has anyone had Voom installed like this? Thanks.
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    Is there an option to install the antenna that voom supplies in an attic? Is the reception better outside vs in the attic? Thanks :)
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    30" dish

    Has anyone tried getting the 24" or 30" dish right away without having to upgrade from the 18". I live in Portland, Oregon and havent got voom yet (I am sure I will need at least a 24"), but I am wondering if this has been possible with anyone.
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    Getting around trees

    I haven't got Voom yet, but I have a lot of trees in my yard. I was wondering if there is some way of getting around the trees without cutting them down. I heard something about a remote dish that you put on something other than your house on another thread (is this possible?). Any ideas or...