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    With no Voom signal on install... what should I do?

    Ok, had two men stand n my roof one holding a dish the other with a meter for a half hour... the guy just movin the dish from side to side up and down with the meter guy saying No No No... so in other words... no signal so I cant get voom. They said in Los Angeles 7 out of ten cant get the...
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    NLS: The Saga ends

    Well, no Voom for me. the installers were out and couldnt get a line of site. So I will have to wait. thanks for all who have helped and Ill be around dreaming of the day I can get Voom.
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    Blow By Blow Installation on 6/4/04

    Blow By Blow Installation.... Just got the call he, the installer is on his way. I'll keep this updated as it goes.
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    Deep Breath

    So Instalation-Day is Finlay here. The Installer, Thomas should be here between 8 to 9 am. In honor of the event I bought a few leather chairs. I will inform you of the progress as it happens and thanks to all who were kind to help me in my time of need!
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    Perplexed over diplexers and other letters of the alphabet

    Ok, so being a greenhorn, when hearing words like diplexer/duplexor (seen different spellings for this) OTA, SD's, and PQ, I just get a blank look on my face cause I don't know what this all means. Can some one tell me what a diplexer is and what does it do, and do I need it or should I not...
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    Why have it if Quality is bad :no

    After reading the re-cap of the chat yesterday and religiously reading the posts, it seems like most are unhappy with the quality of Voom and its picture. So my question is: Why keep voom if its quality isn't the best as well as compression, firmware and everything that goes hand in hand with...
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    Off topic: HD DVD player

    As I wait for my June 4th install date, I figure to pacify my hunger for anything HD, I was thinking of getting a HD dvd player (added - I guess I mean the DVD players that upconvert a standard DVD signal to HD-compatible 720p or 1080i )So my question to you is: Is it worth it, and if so, what...
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    Installers Pls Speak Up!

    Knowing that a few installers lurk about, I was wondering a few things. 1) We have heard horror stories from the customer but I am sure that there are a few from the installer. Myself, working in the service industry, I know that the customer can make ones life a living hell just because of...
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    Does one tip the installer?

    :shocked Does one tip their installers and if so, how much? When I had my TV delivered I tiped the driver $40. When I had Dish installed even though it was a terrrible job, I gave em $20.
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    Studio City, CA

    Anyone in or near the area?
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    KF50XBR800 + Voom = ? Anyone?

    Though I have not gotten Voom yet... I was wondering if anyone knew what the quality will be on my Sony KF50XBR800 . My instaltion date is on the 4th and am nervous as a groom on his wedding night!
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    Is Installs Inc ok?

    I have concerns on the company that subtracts out the installations. I’ve seen the advice that one should call the installer before the installation date to confirm everything and to make sure they have the experience necessary to do said installation. Which makes sense considering that when...