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    TWC customer- would a 2H/2J conversion be seamless?

    Current Time Warner Cable customer...two DVRs and two slave units...whole house DVR accessibility. Question-- would the installation of a multiple Hopper/Joey setup be relatively seamless? I seem to recall reference to the Dish system needing two coax to each box throughout the house? This...
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    Program guide off by one hour

    The program guide/receiver time has been off by one hour since Sunday. I thought it might be a premature DST shift, but the time is one hour behind- not ahead as I would expect in the spring when the time changes. Any others experiencing this erroneous time shift? Thanks.
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    Am I ready for Hoppers and Joeys (plus cable internet)?

    I have attached a picture I took of the network panel box at the home into which I am moving. I would appreciate understanding what I can expect as a result of this wiring configuration. The rooms in the house all have faceplates with a combination of R45 and coax outlets (no real consistency-...
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    Adding Hoppers/Joeys to existing home wiring

    I am moving into a five-year old home in a couple of weeks. I have yet to thoroughly investigate the home's wiring but understand it is set up similarly to most newer homes in that every room is wired with a faceplate enabling connectivity to a couple of CAT 5e outlets and a Coax connection or...
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    What should I do with older Dish receivers?

    I've been a Dish customer since 1995 or so...and have accumulated a number of receivers over the years. My current receivers are leased but prior to that the half dozen or so receivers I have amassed were not. I am moving in the next several weeks and am curious as to the options that might be...
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    No sound on channels 5411, 5441, & 5443?

    This afternoon I am not getting the audio feed from channels 5411, 5441, and 5443. Video is fine and audio is ok on all the other channels. Are others experiencing this limited lack of audio? Thanks.
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    Problems with BD discs from BB?

    Tried to watch "The Adjustment Bureau" tonight-- wouldn't play on one of my BD players (Panasonic DMP-BD35) and only made it through 27 minutes on my LG BD-570 before freezing. Cleaned the disc, etc. and got the same result. Are problem discs a frequent issue with BB? In over two years with...
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    Psychotic on-screen behavior with VIP722

    Over the past several weeks I have noticed multiple instances where, when watching live TV (vs. DVR'ed programming or material that is minutes behind and behind fed by the DVR), the screen will start jumping around from channel to channel, sometimes going to the program guide, sometimes going to...
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    Caution when redeeming PPV certificates

    I recently redeemed a couple of PPV certificates one evening for my wife and she watched the movies the following day. On my next month's bill I had duplicate charges for the movies (vs. one credit). When I "e-chatted" and subsequently talked on the phone with the CSR dolts I was advised the...
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    Which Slingbox?

    While debating whether to pull the trigger on the Sling Adapter I am trending toward simply going with a Slingbox of some sort. My primary use would be to watch Dish content on a computer monitor- desktop and laptop, so I am curious to get input from those Slingbox/Dish owners-- which one...
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    Dish Remote Access- deleting recordings not working?

    This afternoon I attempted to delete a couple of programs from my VIP612 via Dish Remote Access. Each time I was presented with an dialog box indicating something to the effect, "Event not deleted, unknown error encountered". I was able to delete using my remote through the TV monitor. Anyone...
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    College FB games not available in HD on Fox RSNs?

    As I was scrolling through the guide looking for college football games this afternoon/evening, I noticed the games on the Fox RSNs only in SD. Has Dish eliminated the FSN HD broadcasts of college football games this season to its customers? Historically this has not been the case so I wonder...
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    Have problems with the VIP 612 receiver been rectified?

    I've read numerous posts about problems with the 612 receiver... most of those posts are rather aged... have whatever issues which earlier plagued the 612 been overcome with either software updates or hardware improvements in the units shipped recently? Thanks,
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    Loyalty department system woes today

    Just a heads-up... I called to speak with the "loyalty" group and was advised their systems are down today. It was suggested 24-48 hrs. before they would have the ability to make meaningful inputs into the system (they were able to capture the content of our discussion in their "notes"). I...
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    Will Dish Remote Access work on 211k?

    I have a 722 receiver which I am swapping for a 211k. If I pay the $ to activate the DVR functionality in the 211k, and hook up an external HD to it... will this receiver become available via Dish Remote Access? My 722 is currently accessible (using a Sling Link Turbo). Thanks.
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    722 to 211k input question

    As a result of the upcoming price increases I am planning on replacing my second 722 with a 211k. I am not at home at the moment so I can not eyeball the back of my 722, but I recall it has two satellite inputs. The 211k has one. Is the final action (aside from authorizing the receiver) in...
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    Dish website- can't login

    I'm currently unable to login to the Dish main site. Are others experiencing this inability? I keep getting DNS errors. Thanks,
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    HD Output decision- local antenna only?

    The 722 (and other) receiver(s) have the option to output the signal in either 720p or 1080i (Menu/6/8). However, when one enters that menu option, there is wording which is specific to local channels being delivered via an external source (antenna, cable, etc.). My question is whether the...
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    L622 bug or 722 hardware issue?

    I didn't find an L622 sticky thread above so I'll start a new thread. I've noticed on my 722 a problem with the TV2 output (Dual Mode)... HD channels are ok, but SD channels are plagued with what I would term as a "slow motion video". Audio is ok, but the video is a bit...
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    SlingGuide issue with Indy locals

    Copy of the feedback I just submitted to Sling/Dish regarding the disappearance of most of my Indy channels. Could be related to the recent addition of HD locals, but I wanted to see if others were experiencing and/or get some insight around how to restore. "A number of my local channels have...