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    Losing Channels...HELP!!!

    I Resusbcribed to DirecTV a few weeks ago. They set me up wuth a 5 LNB dish.(i think thats what it's called). I have HDTV and a regular Tv with a regular (Non HD) DVR. I also use my old Hughs TIVO box in another room. Three boxes total. Anyway, last night I bagan losing channels. I get my...
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    Problems With Box.....???

    I just came BACK to directv after being gone for a year. They set me up with the new DirecTV DVR box....i used to have the tivo box. Anyway the remote is Seriously delayed....It takes like seconds for the Box to respod to me hitting pause on the dvr. is this normal?
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    Leaving Dish after 8 MONTHS

    I was a a DirecTV customer for nearly 5 years. I switched to Dish because I had purchased a LCD TV, and because of a tree, I could not get HD TV. I figured I would switch to Dish...How different could it be..... From day one, instalation day, being a customer of Dish Network was terrible...
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    FOX High Def New York

    Anyones Giants game keep coming in and out of High Def?
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    Sound and Audio not lined up....

    Since I have switched from D-TV to Dish, I have had a ton of instances in which the Audio and video are out of since....Like I'm watching an old king fu movie and the lips and audio arent in sync... What gives?
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    Another HDMI problem and Question...PLEASE

    I mentioned in another thread that I'm not crazy about the way my High Def looks with an HDMI cable. I think it looks better w/ a component cable.. Regardless...The bigger issue is that when I first go to watch TV with HDMI, there is NO SOUND. I have to hold the power buttin down for 5...
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    Can HDMI look WORSE than COMPONENT Cables?

    I recently got HDTV through Dish. I was using Component cables while my HDMI cable worked it's way through the mail to me. I received it last night, and I think it looks too Digital or pixelated or something... Is that possible? Can HDMI look worse? Alos, for some reason, I do not get...
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    I need a DVR lesson here.

    I have the DVR that opperates two TV's. My problem here is that I have TV 2 as the default for recording...Which is fine...MOST OF THE TIME...... I dont underdstand why (maybe it does do this), I cant watch something on TV2 when I am recording IF I am not watching TV 1? Like, why can;t it...
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    Does Dish have College Games?

    I used to have DirecTV and they had College games u could purchase as Pay Per view events...Does Dish do this?
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    High Def Question. Please help.

    I recently got High Def to watch some High Def football this season. So far it's been great. My question is this. In my area I typically get my football games on FOX. I have never seen FOX listed on the "HD list" in my guide. Will it be listed there when there is a High Def Program on...
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    What Does This TIVO lawsuit mean to me?

    All- I just got Dish Network and now I am reading that TIVO is in a lawsuit w/ Dish over patented technology.... Does thios mean there is A REAL possibility I may lose my DVR service? I would have to imagine that Dish would never let this happen....
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    Cheap HDMI cables???

    Someone was nice enoughto tell me where to get cheaper HDMI cables, but I cant find it now... Can someone repost it?
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    You Have To Be Kidding Me

    I just worte the CEO email line because I needed a dish moved on a pole....which I did... The technician that had come out told me that he "doesn't dig holes" for dishes on a pole. Instead he looked to get it on my roof...But there were trees in the way, which is why it was on the pole...
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    Multiple Channels?!?!

    Hey guys. Just getting used to the new channels on Dish. I was a DirecTV subsriber for 6 years and switched. Anyway, I'm curious about two things... 1. Why am I getting TWO Military Channels? One doesnt come in, and says I need a sub, the other ...about 200 channels fine with no...
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    I left DIRECTV for DISH NETWORK...

    I left DirecTV for Dish Network a week ago today. I was a DirecTV customer for 6 years, and it was a very hard decession. It sounds retarded to say, since I am talking aboyt TV...But it was. However, trhere a re a few observations that I wanted to share with DirecTV owners. 1. I left because...
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    Remote Control Problems....

    I have the DVR box that runs two TV's. The manual says the 2nd remote will work from 200 ft...However, it's just not working properly. The antena is touching NOTHING and is point a bit toward the location where TV 2 is. Anything I can do to make this work better...It's VERY dissapointing,
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    HDMI Questions

    I don;t think I have much of a choic because of the limited input on my TV (2 Componen ts and 1 HDMI).... However, I have 2 questions. 1. Does HDMI really make a Noticiable diffrence while watching High Def? 2. Is there anywhere you can get cheaper HDMI cables? Circuit City and WalMart...
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    I need some HELP PLEASE!

    So I had gotten Dish Network and HD TV. I was VERY happy with the way High Def looked, but the placew where they mounted my dish was undesirable. I had a fella out today to move the dish, and he did a great job as far as placing it exaclty where I wanted it. That said, I just started...
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    Need to Move Dish

    I'm new to Dish...I got it Tuesday. I previously had DirecTV. I know NOTHING about setting up a dish, but the guy had to put one of the dishes on a Pole. The other is on the roof...and is fine. One is for HD I'm assuming. He was supposed to have it back about 4 feet so it wouldnt be so...
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    So, I made the switch from DirecTV to Dish Network after being a 6 year customer of DirecTV. The main reason I switched was Customer service and DirecTV claims they couldnt get a signial for HD. Anyway, I'm all set up...They used two dishes...and I am going to parley this into two questions...