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    Not my idea of a major deal...

    So on the chat, they talked about "What they're doing for people who ALREADY have an HD set" and then proceed to show the HDTV in a box commercial!! Wake up, E* this is NOT my idea of a deal. I already have an HD set. (Just venting)...
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    Sweeeet! HBO-HD and Showtime HD to move to 110

    According to Charlie, they're moving on Dec. 19 from 61.5/148 to I don't need to put another dish up!! 8)
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    What do I need to do now (LNBF/Switch questions) for 921?

    Hi guys, need a little help here. I have a 508 and old receiver (which is going out to pasture once I get the 921, so ignore it for now). Also a Dish 500 with two SW21's feeding into the house. What will I need to do for the 921/508 combination? I'm sure I'm going to need to put up a...