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    Please Help!!!!!

    I've had 8 HD boxes exchanged because after a few days of operation, one of my local HD channels reverts to a crappy analog output and can only be fixed by exchanging the box. Of course it's my favorite channel!! I've had two techs here on service calls and big promises, new cable from the...
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    Anybody have this problem???

    Yeah, that 6412 has given and still gives me trouble as described in a prior post: :mad: I loose the HD version of my FOX affiliate (it actually displays in SD) after a few days and have to exchange the STB. All is OK for a while, then, I lose it again. I have swapped boxes 4 times for this...
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    Very Interesting Anomoly in Motorola 6412

    Due to the demise of VOOM, I have reverted back to Comcast for my HD source and have had more problems in the last two weeks that I had in 14 months with the service provided by VOOM. I had some problems, but not like this. I have one Motorola HD-DVR 6412 (too bad VOOM couldn't provide) and...
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    Beware of Sony HDTV's and DVI COnflicts Before Getting VOOM

    I've been watching VOOM since Feb 10th, 2004 on my 50 inch Sony GW LCD using only DVI and it's been absolutely amazing. Maybe your TV is defective?
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    Several White pixels in middle of Voom screen

    Have to tried the old "hit the VOOM button and then the back button?" :confused:
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    How to get Olympics (or any other distant feed)

    Cable porn? I'm trying to watch US Women's outdoor volleyball right now in place of porn (an excellent substitute, I might add). It's truly amazing how long that roll of aluminum foil is. It stretches clear into the kitchen!!!! And the reception is drastically improved.
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    How to get Olympics (or any other distant feed)

    Best story from squicken To squicken: Man, that has got to be the biggest lie ever!!! I, personally, would never tell anyone about my own abduction. Well, almost never, I guess. I think you might be trying to trick me here, are you? Anyway, that story was so good that I doubt anyone will...
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    So what the hell is going on???? re olympic feed

    I'm on the phone right now trying to get 321 activated here in Calif.
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    [VOOM] OTA Reception

    OTA Reception smitzonok1, I can tell you from my own experience that a 50 to 70 mile distance is a "far piece" for any antenna that VOOM may provide. My suggestion: buy your own, if you're really wanting those channels. What you need (other than a clear line of sight to the transmission...
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    How big is it?

    1-Sony Grand Wega HDTV Monitor LCD 50" :D 2-Sony XBR Widescreen HDTV Monitor CRT 34" :D
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    OTA from over 100 miles away.

    Moon bounce???? I hope Walmart is going to sell these real soon, 'cause I need one!!!! :yes
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    After software upgrade

    Upgrade? Did I miss something? What upgrade are you referring to? :confused:
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    From DN to Voom worth it?

    Just VOOM it!!! VaVaVOOM, that is. If you're notfromhere, where are you from?
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    Congratulations Sean Mota

    Congratulations Sean, I don't know how you find time to watch HDTV, what with your job and your time spent on this forum. But then, I think people with the least time to give always find the time to help others. Thanks for being there for us.
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    VOOM OTA Mapping Problems? (Channels listed are not as expected)

    Finally!!!!!! :) Finally, after over two months of VOOM, I came home last evening and found my satellite icon on my STB was glowing RED!!! I knew something was up. I did a front panel reset and behold: one of my three OTA channels was mapped!! Just two more to go but, I'm happy something is...
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    Golf channel was added today

    :( I would rather have the bowling channel, really. Let's drop some of these useless niche and cable-oriented channels for some mainstream HD sports.
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    One more poll :) best program or HD??

    I guess I do both at times. I do watch programs just because they are in HD even if it's about some old woman in some remote country carrying water or something. After all, it is in HD and I am an HD Junkie ;)
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    POLL- Voom at the FIGHTS

    Jay, I guess I must have looked away for a second or two 'cause I didn't see any picture breakup at all, even with the super-fast punch-throwing. :shocked
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    POLL- Voom at the FIGHTS

    The Best Picture Quality Yet Now that's what I call HDTV!!!! Absolutely stunning picture quality, no artifacts or stuttering for the whole four hours. And all for $1 !!! Thanks VOOM...... :)
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    PPV boxing Match tonight ch711 $1.00

    Yeah, Baby, This breaks my pay per view cherry and boy, I'm cheap at $1 :yes