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    6412 Problem

    I recently started having the following problem: My 6412 will lock up at 4:20 (am & pm) every day. I have tried leaving it on, turning it off, but same results. When I leave it on it will still show the channel I was watching but I can't change the channel or turn it off. I have to unplug...
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    What does everybody think about VOD? So far I really like it. I just wish that: 1. They would offer some of the shows in HD (e.g., some of the HBO & SHO series that are normally shown in HD). 2. I've noticed a problem where the show will occasionally lock up for a couple of minutes. I...
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    Moto DCT6412 Question

    OK, I just picked up a DCT6412 yesterday. This is my first cable receiver. I am switching from Dish Network. My first question is this - Does the 6412 provide any display options (e.g., stretch, zoom, normal)? My display won't stretch the picture if I connect via DVI. My Dish 921 provided...
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    Dallas Area - No 6412 available?

    I just ordered Digital Cable after getting fed up with Dish. The CSR said they only have the 6408 available and not the 6412. Is this merely a supply issue or have they not deployed the 6412 in D/FW? It will be hard to go back to a single tuner DVR although I would imagine only termporarily.
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    The Last Straw

    Well, I finally pulled the plug. Here's what did it for me: I have a 921. When I received L215 s/w update I was pleased to find that I was finally receiving program guide info for my OTA locals. Very happy man. Then last month was L218 downloaded I lost my guide info for OTA locals. I...
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    921 OTA Locals (DFW) PROBLEM!!!

    I deleted and added my OTA locals numerous times. I can get the sub channels but not the main channels to show up in my program guide (e.g., I can see 5-2 but not 5-1). Any ideas???? This sucks.
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    OLN - Not available a-la-carte???

    In the past couldn't you add the OLN for $5/month without changing packages? I just called to do it and they said no dice. You have to switch to AT180. Screw that. When did this change????
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    Scott - What's your feeling on the 921 OTA Guide

    Do you think they will ever fix this or is it likely to be left as is? Thanks.
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    OTA Local Program Guide

    Any news on the local program guide for OTA stations? I'm sick of playing 1980 VCR guy and manually entering timers.
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    Speaking with my money...

    Well, still no word regarding the program guide on the 921. I have already downgraded to AT60 with HD pack. I'm calling today to cancel HD pack and two of my additional receivers (I seldom watch those televisions and I have a Samsung HD receiver for one of them so at least I'll have locals in...
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    dfw - cbs digital out?

    When I tune into 11-1 I get a message that the channel is not available. It shows 100% signal strength. Anybody else in DFW having this problem? I wonder if it's a 921 problem.
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    MPEG-4 white paper

    Just an overview of MPEG-4. I found it interesting (for a non-tech perspective) and thought I would share it.
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    DVI Not Displaying

    Well, I was having a pretty decent experience with my 921. Today I came in to watch the Cowboys/Eagles game and I had sound but no picture on my DLP. I haven't bothered trying component because it's a major pain in the arse to get back there with my setup. Is this a known problem?
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    Software Update by Christmas???

    How much longer do you think we'll have to wait. Any word through the Dish grapevine about the next update? My wife REALLY wants her local program guide. :rolleyes:
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    Estimated Date for Next SW Update

    Estimated Date for Next SW Update? Last I heard was 'after Thanksgiving'. Any idea when 'after Thanksgiving' is? :D
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    921 Order Still Pending

    Hi guys, I ordered the 921 yesterday and it still shows pending. Will my unit ship out today? Thanks, Glenn
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    Anybody in DFW have a 921 yet?

    Just curious if any made it to this part of the country. I heard a commercial advertising them which I thought was odd since they aren't readily available.
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    811 - Lost sound on HD shows only

    I checked and my settings on my receiver don't seem to have been changed. The SD channels get sound fine. Any HD channel and I get nothing. Any ideas? Just started today. Thanks.
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    Comcast Sales Pitch -

    Comcast just wired my subdivision. The sales guy was going door to door and tried to get me to switch. I repeatedly told him I was happy with my service and was looking forward to getting a HD DVR. He said, "Oh, we have one of those coming out in January". I questioned him about it but of...
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    D/FW OTA Question

    Well, I got home all fired up about this update. Now I can't get my CBS OTA Digital feed to show up in the program guide. I can do Add DTV in the locals and it locks at 90%. Then I hit save and it's gone. Anybody else having a similar problem? It was fine yesterday. :rolleyes: