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    Will I need a new Dish?

    oh yea, i know about the additional reciever fees, I just don't want to pay the rental fees for 24 months, esp. if my fam (whom i am buying the equipment for) decide they don't want HD service any more.
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    Will I need a new Dish?

    Hello All, Right now I have 61.5, 110, and 119 and I live in the Saginaw/Flint area. I'm looking to upgrade to Dish HD but I don't want to do the 24 month commitment for Dish'n It Up or pay the 14 dollar in lease feases per month to get 2 222 recievers for my 2 HDs and two SDs. I was...
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    Getting the DP+44 switch thru dish

    How can you get them free?
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    Sirius Deal

    What happened to it?
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    Need advise on replace Dish500 with SuperDish (121)

    It uses a thicker mount and different alignment settings. It needs a thicker mount because the dish is bigger, and it needs to be pointed at the FSS satellite requiring different numbers.
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    Superdish Billing Problem

    CSR roulette seemed to work. I talked to a guy who said he is going to post the 175+tax adjustment to the bill, so all i will owe is 4 bucks for the 3 weeks of locals I have for July. He says he has to first get approval for the adjustment.
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    Superdish Billing Problem

    I got my SuperDish put in yesterday and I love it. This morning, I saw on my bill that Dish charged me 175 for the dish. I called them in, and they said that because I wasn't signed up with a 1 yr comittment from the get go, they can't do anything. I went through this entire process of...
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    Superdish problems

    The 2x4 switch is one of those old single satellite switches from the old days, it takes two lnb inputs and gives it to four receivers.
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    Superdish problems

    Harbor Beach is the actualy name of the town, Boonieville is my joke town. BTW, the superdish had MUCH better LoS than the old 119 sat does. It baffles me because more trees are in the way of the dish 300 signal than the SuperDish (which had almost no trees in its way). They said they'll...
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    Superdish problems

    Boonieville is just a little joke.. lol, Harbor Beach is the actually town i'm near.
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    Superdish problems

    Installers came by and tried to put in the superdish, but couldn't find anywhere to put it that would get adequate signal. My old 119 dish however, is mounted near the same location, has a 2x4 blocking it, and some trees, and still receives 99 signal. The super dish was then mounted much...
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    Any point in getting multi sports package?

    All of the games were blacked out.
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    Any point in getting multi sports package?

    You made the same mistake I did. I bought Multi-sport to be able to watch pro soccer, and it too was blacked out. Multi-sport, imo, serves no purpose. Just buy a season package.
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    DTV Ellpitcal Dish to Superdish

    No, the dish is too small for FSS operation.
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    Friend wants Voom

    Well, he was turned off by the fact that some installers have bad reputations, but this area seems to have a good reputation with all installers for any service. Anyways, I want him to get Voom as soon as possible so he can use his Plasma HDTV to the fullest (and so I can watch HDTV whenever i...
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    Friend wants Voom

    A friend of mine was interested in getting voom for his HDTV in his game room. He right now has Digital Cable from a Comcast which doesn't offer HD in our area yet. He would switch to voom, but he was wondering if voom would ever have PPV. BTW, what if voom finds that your area needs a large...
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    Motorola manual for DSR 550-location??

    Try the starchoice website, their high end HDTV receiver is the same model i believe.
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    Digital Audio receivers

    The 4DTV 922 C-Band receiver has coaxial digital out, but it won't help in your situation probably.
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    couple of question about FTA

    To get regular pay programming on C-Band, you need a receiver capable of taking in a VCRS decoder board. These are usually pink, if they are black or blue, then you need a new one. THE receiver out these days is the 4DTV 922, which receives VideoCipherRS analog programming, and DigiCipher2...
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    Superdish installation

    Yea, my dad won't let anything touch the roof, so we'll have to add it to our pole mount satellite farm if we get the SD. I have an old C-Band size 7 ft pole still in place, along with a 15ft pole with a working c-band dish on it, a direcway dish on a pole, and a Dish Network dish mounted on...