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  1. Hogarth

    HD DVR - Any Update on Release Date?

    Beavis: I can virtually guarantee that any delay in the HR20 is not because of testing. It will have same/more/other bugs. Yecch.
  2. Hogarth

    R15 and XM Music

    Try turning your TV off :)
  3. Hogarth

    New software on R-15

    Allegedly, D* did not release the software to all DMAs at once -- but the old version tried to get it ANYWAYS. Apparently fixed.
  4. Hogarth

    Question on MPEG-4 Change

    .. free but leased.
  5. Hogarth

    INHD Dead issue?? ^^^ the official issue It looks like the complaint is still pending. There's also this: (warning PDF link) which specifies a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo...
  6. Hogarth

    New software on R-15

    Very little.
  7. Hogarth

    Is the new MPEG4 HD DVR for DirecTV out?

    He pulled that figure out of the air. No release date has been set.
  8. Hogarth

    A DirecTV Mpg4 DVR?

    They do run a little behind schedule, don't they? Rest assured, folks, the HR20 is a very high priority for them. It will be out in a timely fashion. It may suck and be full of bugs, but it will be out relatively soon.
  9. Hogarth

    MPEG4 HD DVR - Dual Tuner??

    The R-15 software does not currently let you switch between tuners. So while you can record two programs at once, I doubt you'll be able to flip back and forth. Allegedly, the R15 should support this in a future software upgrade. (And the HR20 too, I would venture.)
  10. Hogarth

    The equivalent - Dish to Direct

    Absolutely no current D* hardware feeds two TVs. (There was a "multi room receiver" in the past, and the future should have "DirecTV PRO" and possibly the "Home Media Center" but both are vaporware.) You'll need separate receivers.
  11. Hogarth

    New Retention phone #???

    Starting any minute, you'll need a temporary PIN to call in to a direct line. Start sticking with 1-800-DIRECTV.
  12. Hogarth

    XM Celtic Music

    Fine Tuning often plays celtic -- I'd imagine they'll do so more on Friday.
  13. Hogarth

    DirecTV forcing channels on me!

    Happy Camper is correct -- the problem is that these channels are not aired all the time -- so they go "off" and vanish from all guides, and when they're reactivated, all the receivers think it's a new channel.
  14. Hogarth

    Serious Customer Service

    Because Dish Network started the trend with the 942 -- an up front upgrade fee AND a monthly lease cost. E* moved quite a few. Because HD DVRs are provider-specific and hard to come by, anyone who wanted E* buckled down and paid the fee -- mainly for VOOM programming. I agree it's a...
  15. Hogarth

    HEARTS Program

    lee: HA. $100 would be delightful. I've heard of deposits up to $400.
  16. Hogarth

    Thinking of jumping ship.

    DirecTV's fee for HD DVR is also very dependent on manufacturing cost at present. Expect it to drop dramatically when the HR20-250 comes out.
  17. Hogarth

    Okay Fella's forgive my retardness but...

    one time: new receiver up-front fee (if any) - rebate (if any) (there's usually no up-front fee for SD receivers) ongoing: programming + lease + DVR (if not Total Choice Premiere)
  18. Hogarth

    Wait them out ?

    Besides -- when D* is good and ready, there will be an adequate "swap". My money's on free MPEG4 DVR that is LEASED. Basically a waived up-front fee, but you never will own the hardware. That having been said, we know nothing NOW because D* hasn't even finished making the darn hardware, much...
  19. Hogarth

    next set of HD locals

    bigbw: There's going to be an additional round in 2006. You're still not going to make it in 06. DMAs over 64 will almost undoubtedly be in 2007.
  20. Hogarth

    HEARTS Program

    CSRs can't change the number of hearts you have at all. It's definitely bad credit, payment history, etc. But if you call retention all the time begging for credits and threatening to leave the service, it will definitely affect you over time. D* has some very ridiculously over complex...