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    622 has never worked with separator - is it the LNBF or the receiver?

    I've had a 622 receiver for years and it has never worked with a single cable fed into the DPP separator from my 1000.2. I've always had to run two separate cables from the 1000.2 to the 622's inputs, and not used the separator. It acts as though the band stacking/unstacking doesn't work...
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    Can't remove programming online

    I'm annoyed. A few weeks ago I removed Platinum HD and added Gold HD + free Platinum from my account. Now I want to make another change, and I get this: Why is that, does some CSR want to get on the line and talk me out of removing programming?
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    $199 24" Samsung Monitor at Costco

    It's a pretty good deal at $40 off their regular price. My old Dell 23" is going to the vacation home and this one is taking its place. Since it's a Samsung, I'm assuming it is an S-PVA panel, so priced lower than the superior S-IPS panels (Apple Cinema Display), but better display quality...
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    Format of new HD channels

    Speed: 1280x720p FX: 1280x720p FTV: 1920x1080i (yes, 1920, not 1440) Logo: 1280x720p
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    SpeedHD audio sync

    Has it been off all day, or is it just Trackside at... that is suffering? Audio is leading video by a few hundred milliseconds.
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    My receiver is confused about which transponder has my locals???

    As of a few hours ago, I can no longer receive my Las Vegas local channels on my 508 receiver (I took the latest software download this weekend). The receiver tells me that it's looking for my local channel 3 at the 110 location and transponder 12. As far as I know, my locals are on a spotbeam...