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    SAP on Streaming Movie Channel Packages or Apps

    I would like to know if there is anyway to stream movies in SAP. At the moment if you subscribe to a package with Cable or Satellite some channels (HBO, Starz, Showtime) have the option of watching the movie in an alternate language such as Spanish with the push of a button or changes in the...
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    Best DVR option for 3 tv's

    I currently have a VIP 722 the main TV is HD and is running off of TV1 have two other TV's in the house that are SD. TV 2 is split sharing the same image on the two TV's in the different rooms in the house. I have just purchased a HD TV to replace one of the SD TV's. My question is what is the...
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    Questions about Hopper

    I decided to call Dish about possibly upgrading from a 722. Price would be $50, price sounds good. Just a few questions. I have 3 tv's, tv 2 and 3 different rooms signal is split so they share the same signal, no problem. If I where to add one Joey would the signal be able to be split? Can I use...
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    GolTv, Starz, Red Zone, NFL- On OTA?

    Just got a new antenna, made a scan and got the following channels. 030-90-Starz 030-88-Red Zone 030-87-GolTv 030-85-NFL I have 100% signal, but it shows nothing, just black. Anyone have an idea what they are doing OTA?
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    Where to install an antenna, suggestions please.

    I just purchased this antenna Now wondering where to install it, in the attic, on the chimney, or on the fascia of the house. I am about 35 miles from the antennas, and on average we have about 40 mph winds during the year. What would be...
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    Joey image able to run to 2 tvs? Possible?

    I know this may sound like a dumb question, just wondering if the video that the joey is showing can it be broadcast to 2 tv's at the same time? I currently run my coax from 722 split it and it goes to 2 tv's. Is this possible with the joey? Looked at pictures from the back of the box it looks...
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    Upgrade Programming Ideas from Welcome Pack

    Currently have welcome pack a 722 and a 322. Would like to drop the 322 and protection plan for more programming. I would like to add some more spanish language channels any Ideas? Maybe Dish Family and Latino Bonus Pack? I would really not like to pay any more than the price I am currently...
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    Super Stations in Hd?

    Not sure but would like to know if super stations are available in HD? I now have the Welcome Pack but would like to know if I add a super staion will it be in HD? If it is, which would you pick? Which is worth the money?
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    Dish Latino Basico possible to add HD?

    I would like to lower my bill but would like to sub to Galavision. I currently sub to the 120 package. I was looking at the Dish Latino Basico. I really want to have HD, the main reason that I want HD is for my local channels. Any suggestions on where to go and what move to make? Does that...
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    $95 to fix a fallen Dish!!!

    Just saw my dish bill: 4-02 4-23 REPAIR/MAINT 95.00 FROM 04/10/2011 TECH VISIT On the phone I was told $15 Anyone have any luck getting the additional $80 removed?
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    Have one account for 2 locations?

    Is this possible? A "Official" dish rep came to our buisness and said we could add a receiver to the account and that we would be able to have the same progrmamming that we have at home at the buisness. I am sure this is possible, but legal I don't think so. Can some one clear this up as my wife...
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    Add OTA to existing dish steup?

    This is what I am working with. I am trying to add an attenna to the Home Office is there a way to do this? Possibly by adding another T. How would the channels work if I am tuning into a channel for Dish and the other locals with antenna. The reason being is that most of the time I see local...
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    Lowest possible package with DVR- Help

    I currently have AT 120, a 722 and a 322 I want to lower the package to the lowest that I can possibly pay but keep the DVR to record. Can I go any lower? And maybe still keep HD programming? If I buy an OTA will I be able to see and record Tv in HD even if I no longer qualify for HD for...
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    Problem with Dish Remote Access

    I have no problem at login. Its just that when I want to click on the movies tab it will show everthing as a grid but once I click on "Now", "Today" or "Later" it shows nothing. I have tried using google chrome, firefox, and internet explorer. I have even tried this from 2 computers but I just...
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    Find HD Movies Using Dish Remote Access

    With all the Starz Channels I would like to get rid of the movies that I have with commercials and replace them with the movies from Starz. I could set the recordings manually, but I think its much faster using the web. Only problem is that I choose movies (Filter), Later, and Hd content only...
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    Questions about upgrading a receiver and adding service plan

    First of all I am trying to save money but at the same time trying to get the most with the money I spend. I would like to know if it is necessary to have the service plan or can you add it when you need it. I know that I need to keep it for a while or else a $25 fee, just wondering if it is...
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    Need some help in choosing an antenna

    To start off let me tell you that I know very little about choosing an antenna. That is why I have included the information from TV fool. I am trying to get as many stations in as possible but while trying to stay under $75. I have looked around in the other posts and there are two antenna's...
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    Will This work for Wireless 722?

    Good Price. Can anyone give a thumbs up if it will work with a 622 or 722? Netgear WG111 USB Wireless Adapter at
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    Cannot See PPV When I want

    I have two credits for dish PPV so I decided to use one. Once I have ordered the movie online. It tells you what channels are available for that specific movie and the start times. When I tuned to one of those channels none of them showed the movie the only channel that I could see it on was...
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    Remove Free Preview Banner Bravo

    Is there any way to remove the free preview banner on the bottom part of the screen? It really annoys the heck out of me but not so much my wife. Is there anything that I can change in the settings MENU? I am not watching channel 291 I am on channel 5309 the HD Channel. I do subscribe to the...