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    Can I watch recorded shows on VIP722 after De-activation?

    We don't watch much Satellite TV anymore, so I just called to get deactivated. The support person said that I won't be able to watch anything on the DVR (VIP722 receiver) after it is deactivated. So I had them schedule the deactivation out for 1 week. Is it true that the recorded content on...
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    Internal Hard Drive List for 722 Receiver

    Can someone point me to a current list of "approved" internal hard drives for the 722 receiver? After a fair amount of searching, the list I can find is over 5 years old.
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    Digi-cipher receiver -- is it worth it?

    Several years ago, I was interested in getting a Digi-cipher receiver and started this thread: I never did get a DCII capable receiver, but am again thinking about it. The question is - is it worth it? Is there still...
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    DVR510 VS VIP722 Signal Meters

    I am doing some troubleshooting with my VIP722 system and would like to know if the signal meter readout is the same for both the VIP722 and the older DVR510 receivers? Meaning, if I am on the same satellite, same transponder, same LNB, using the same cabling, but swapping the receivers, would...
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    ku Orthomode Feed Assembly question

    I have a spare 1m Channel Master commercial-grade ku dish that I would like to set up as a orthomode (2 LNB, one for H and one for V) feed configuration. I have done a fair amount of research on the internet, but can't seem to find a reasonably priced RX-only "T" adapter that will allow me to...
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    105W Sanity Check

    I am attempting to dial my 6' dish in on the 105W slot. I believe I am there, but would like someone to see if they are getting the same transponder that I am getting. After doing a blindscan, I only get the following transponder: 4159 V 29997 S2 8PSK 3/4 Pilot Off My Ultra reports a...
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    Radio Stations at 139W

    I was just getting the far western side of the arc set up on my dish when I scanned in 1250 radio stations at 139W. I randomly checked 20-25 of these and did not get audio on any of them. Anyone have the scoop on these?
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    Help! Azbox Ultra Channel List Messed Up

    I wanted to get a fresh scan of C-band transponders in my Ultra, so I deleted every transponder for a few satellites (55.5, 58, 87, and 91). I then did a blind scan for each of these satellites and all looked good. However, my receiver froze on one channel on 91 and required a reboot. After...
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    Where do DTV and DN get the "local" channels from?

    I curious as to how DTV and DN obtain all of the "local" channels for rebroadcasting on their satellite networks? There have got to be hundreds of these channels. Do they do it via fiber, satellite, or IP?
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    4x8 Multiswitch 18V "Naughty Mod" Question

    I picked up a Zinwell MS4X8WB-Z multiswitch off of the bay to do the 18V power mod to each LNB port. I am having a hard time figuring out how to open it up to do the mod. There is some white silicone sealant around the back cover perimeter and a single screw near the top in the middle. I removed...
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    Strong transponder on AMC 18 at 105W?

    I am having a hard time locating 105W with my 6 foot c-band dish. I have most of the arc dialed in, but am having issues finding this one for some reason. Can someone recommend a strong transponder that I can use to find it? I am not set up for DCII yet, so I am using my Azboz Ultra for a...
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    Commercial DCII Receivers

    I am ready to take the DCII plunge and see what is up there. I have experimented with commercial Wegener receivers for DVB and think that I want to go with a commercial reciever for DCII. Recently I had an opportunity to buy a new Mot 4500X for a reasonable price. However, I passed up on it...
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    Can't find 85W ku

    I am trying to get my Azboz Ultra all dialed in and I can't seem to locate 85W ku. I do have 83W and 87W working. According to Lyngsat, DN has a test card on 12183 H 3978. Can someone verify for me that this transponder is active? Are there any other active transponders on this bird?
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    Orbital Location Tweaking on AZbox

    I have had my AZbox Ultra for a couple of weeks now and really like it with the exception of a few things. My main issue is that my dish is not perfectly tracking the arc -- so I need to figure out how to tweak the orbital location in my AZbox (I'm using USALS) for a couple of satellites. It...
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    Azbox Ultra Firmware

    I just received my Azbox Ultra receiver yesterday. The firmware loaded on it is 0.9.4001. It appears that there have been several patch releases since this release. Is there a newer solid firmware version that I should update to? I am not the type that likes to update everytime a new release...
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    Uniden Supra Analog Receiver

    I recently purchased a used Uniden Supra off of ebay for a cool $0.50 (+$25 shipping). Outside of a dead memory backup battery, it appears to be working just fine. I picked this receiver because it has the capability to run a LNBF (voltage-selectable polarity rather than servo-controlled)...
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    Strongest Transponsder on G-19 (97W)?

    I am trying to hit G-19 (97W) with my 1m mini-bud. Can someone tell me what the strongest transponder is on this bird? Thanks!
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    My attempt to catch the NYE ANALOG feed on G-17 ku

    When I learned that the NYE celebration was going to be fed on G-17 ku in analog, I thought that I should give it a try. My current set up is a motorized 1M dish for ku, a fixed 1M mini-bud at G-16 for C-band and a Pansat 2500A DVB receiver. I have an OLD Uniden UST-7000 C-band receiver that I...
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    Wegener Receiver Help Needed

    I recently bought a Wegener Unity 500 commercial receiver for a great price and have been testing it out. I am able to receive several "channels" on different satellites properly but am having problems with other channels. I can lock onto the carrier for the Biography and History channels on...
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    What is the Data Rate for NASA at 119?

    I am testing a Wegener Unity 500 receiver that I just picked up and I am trying to receive NASA on 119W. This receiver requires that I enter in the Data Rate (DR) in Mbps rather than a Symbol Rate (SR). Can anyone tell me what a SR of 20.000 Msps translates to in terms of a Data Rate for this...