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    Existing customer upgrade??

    What does it take for an existing ccustomer to upgrade from MPEG2 to one of the MPEG4 sets? DISH gave me the MPEG2 set when I signed up, now I know why. they knew that these sets would become obsolete when they made the shift to mpeg4. What's the best way to upgrade that's easy on the...
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    What is the process to successfully receive an HDTV specific waiver/

    I've recently e-mailed every department of my local CBS affiliate. No response. I know they can voluntarily give me the waiver, but I am wondering if anyone knows of the best way to request the waiver so I can finally receive CBS-HD. Any help will be appreciated, thank you.
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    Overscan on the 811?

    I've noticed there is significant overscan on the 811 receiver. I have also noticed that I'm not the only person with this problem. Is there any kind of fix for the overscan problem with the receivers? I've actually connected another HD reference with a test pattern, and it's fine. It's...