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    Will I need a new Dish?

    Hello All, Right now I have 61.5, 110, and 119 and I live in the Saginaw/Flint area. I'm looking to upgrade to Dish HD but I don't want to do the 24 month commitment for Dish'n It Up or pay the 14 dollar in lease feases per month to get 2 222 recievers for my 2 HDs and two SDs. I was...
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    Sirius Deal

    What happened to it?
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    Superdish Billing Problem

    I got my SuperDish put in yesterday and I love it. This morning, I saw on my bill that Dish charged me 175 for the dish. I called them in, and they said that because I wasn't signed up with a 1 yr comittment from the get go, they can't do anything. I went through this entire process of...
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    Superdish problems

    Installers came by and tried to put in the superdish, but couldn't find anywhere to put it that would get adequate signal. My old 119 dish however, is mounted near the same location, has a 2x4 blocking it, and some trees, and still receives 99 signal. The super dish was then mounted much...
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    Friend wants Voom

    A friend of mine was interested in getting voom for his HDTV in his game room. He right now has Digital Cable from a Comcast which doesn't offer HD in our area yet. He would switch to voom, but he was wondering if voom would ever have PPV. BTW, what if voom finds that your area needs a large...
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    Superdish installation

    What does the installation include and cover? How much is the average pole mount installation?
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    Superdish mount info

    What does the diameter have to be for a post to be compatible with superdish? Is it the same diameter as a primestar/direcway dish or is it still the same as the smaller dishes? Right now I have a Direcway dish installed and i have a primestar post somewhere...
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    999 HDTV System Offer

    Is this only for new customers? Is there a way to get the system for current customers who want to go to HDTV?
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    MLS Soccer

    Are MLS soccer games always blacked out in areas that don't even have a team? I was trying to watch a Columbus Crew game on Fox Sports Ohio, but it was blacked out even though there is no soccer team in Detroit (my region).