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    Disturbing-protest NOW

    i read an article today in the WW2 the same thing happened,tratiors were on the propaganda stations(radio) of the germans and Japan,i think some were hung after the war. IF D* wastes ONE BIT of bandwith for this i will be gone ASAP ,if i cant get a replacement-I...
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    [CABLEVISION] new external drive

    i got an external drive for my 8300HD--was painless to do and it works great ,so far, after 1 day. increased space for a price yes by 150%$200 complete kit w/cables
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    this could hurt--if it plays out to--

    this from the WSJ--it could hurt CVC and VOOM big time in the end,but i doubt it will not get settled The New York State Supreme Court ruled that Time Warner Inc.'s cable arm may drop Cablevision Systems Corp.'s AMC television channel from its channel lineup, handing Time Warner a major victory...
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    remember the days!

    Big brohahaa?(sic)Fighting going on the cablevision IO yahoo boards..they just added LOGO a very "gay " themed channel..Brings back memories of the day they added divine on VOOM---ah the memories
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    Damage claims

    if anyone has any outstaning property damage claims, contact Installs Inc directly at 888-490-4321 extension 2131. Name of contact is Steve Killian
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    Cablevision Teams With Narad to Deliver Fastest Two-Way Broadband Experience in the N

    Cablevision Teams With Narad to Deliver Fastest Two-Way Broadband Experience in the New York Metropolitan Area Monday June 27, 10:46 am ET Cablevision's Advanced Network Delivers 100 Megabit Dedicated Access Services Over Existing Network Facilities BETHPAGE, N.Y. and WESTFORD, Mass...
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    VIOS will be along time coming for TV

    FULL STORY Verizon, SBC Lose TV Fight With Texas Bill By PETER GRANT, AMY SCHATZ and DIONNE SEARCEY Staff Reporters of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Two U.S. phone companies lost a major showdown with cable-TV rivals over telecommunications legislation in Texas, setting a precedent that...
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    Now he Loves us LOL

    Analysis EchoStar Could Boom With Voom The satcaster's addition of 10 high-def channels should mean the addition of high-def subscribers. By Phillip Swann Washington, D.C. (May 2) -- Which TV provider now has the most national High-Definition TV channels? You might think it's DIRECTV...
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    Profile Oedipus at the Garden As if a bloody battle with the mayor wasn’t bad enough, Cablevision scion James Dolan is now locked in a wrenching power struggle with his father. By Joel Siegel (Photo credit: Platon) Late last year, James Dolan, the CEO of Cablevision and corporate...
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    MPeg-4 war--a shame since voom's the winner
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    Cablevision's Governance Under Scrutiny-read-not bad

    Associated Press Cablevision's Governance Under Scrutiny Friday March 11, 1:59 pm ET By Rachel Beck, AP Business Writer ALL BUSINESS: Cablevision's Governance Is Under Scrutiny by Its Shareholders NEW YORK (AP) -- When a company's chairman ousts three board members and replaces them...
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    NY times says deal must be with echostar

    not sure if this was posted already but i will post it Cablevision's Founder Is Given Deadline on Voom By GERALDINE FABRIKANT ablevision Systems said yesterday that the board had agreed to give its chairman and founder, Charles F. Dolan, and a son, Thomas, until the end of the month to...
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    forbes-mostly old---except -"we believe

    Cablevision's Voom Pact Seen As Slightly Positive 03.09.05, 11:54 AM ET Tear Sheet | Chart | News Bear Stearns reiterated an "underperform" rating on Cablevision Systems (nyse: CVC - news - people ), saying uncertainty still exists around the company's decision...
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    Flash!!!! There will be no official statement on Monday

    PDATE 1-Cablevision chairman lays out plan for Voom Mon Mar 7, 2005 06:05 PM ET (Recasts first paragraph, headline; adds Sears comment, stock price) By Kenneth Li FACT BOX CVC.N (CABLEVISION SYS) Last: 29.29 Change: +0.80 Up/Down: +2.81% Quote Full Chart Company Profile...
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    stock action-a signal of what coming

    Lots of volume was down now,now up,some big blocks going off--something has leaked or has happened..will try to stay on this
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    the SHRINKs$$$$ pipe in

    PSYCHODOLAN SOAP OPERA INTENSIFIES By HOLLY M. SANDERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :D March 6, 2005 -- From Oedipus to Hamlet, the father-son dynamic has fascinated playwrights and psychoanalysts. Now, New York has its own...
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    Jets pick on VOOM

    They seem to not be doing so well in the off season!!
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    Charles DOLAN's BIO

    Charles F. Dolan Chairman Charles F. Dolan is the founder and chairman of Cablevision Systems Corporation, one of the nation's leading telecommunications and entertainment companies. Over the past 30 years, Cablevision has developed a portfolio of operations that ranges...
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    Thursday's press conference???

    could this be from a press conference On thursday re Cablevision -Voom?
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    WSJ: another cablevison-dolan article

    Headlines Overshadow Cablevision's Strengths By JACQUELINE DOHERTY--Wall street journal February 27, 2005 Headlines about Cablevision's boardroom brawl and its battle to prevent construction of a stadium for the New York Jets football team in Manhattan have overshadowed the value of the...