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    Diaglog Norm audio dropouts

    I've have a friend who recently upgraded his AV reciever. (Onkyo) With his HR22-100 connected, he get's frequent, momentary (1 sec) audio dropouts while watching network television broadcasted in Dobly D. When these dropouts occur his receiver displays "daiglog norm" which is Dolby Digital's...
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    Installing New HD in a VIP 722

    The HD in my 722 died. I ordered a Seagate ST3500830SCE as a replacement....which from what I've read should work. Do I need to prepare the drive in anyway as part of the installation....partition, etc? Once installed will the 722 automatically format and install software? Thanks, John
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    OTA vs. SAT HiDef

    Just got a 722 receiver. Living in Louisville, Ky we're limited to OTA HD which I hooked up. Am I correct as far as OTA channels are concerned, if you are currently recording an OTA channel, you can not watch another OTA channel? If you are currently watching an OTA show that was previously...
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    Owning vs. Leasing

    I need to add some HD DVR's. I called Dish.....$125 for a 722 with $13 a month for the receiver. ($6 for DVR, $7 for the HD Receiver) Are there any advantages on buying/owning a receiver? Do you save any money? Do you still have to pay the $7 HD Receiver fee if you own the receiver...
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    Question about 921 output

    I'm currently using the DVI output on my 921. Is the 75 ohm cable output "active" also. In other words could I have dual displays at the same time, one from each output. Thanks, John
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    721 DVR and DPP Separator

    It's my understanding that current 721 software does not support DishPRo Plus Separators. I've been told that the software download for this support is close, as in any day. Can anyone confirm this? Regards, John
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    I'm going to need a "Shrink"

    So, I haven't logged into SatelliteGuys for a while so one Sunday night I log in to see what's been going on. I see a great deal on 921's for $839, call tomorrow and you can get in on the deal. Great, I call and buy it the next day. Man I'm feeling pretty good. Next week, I log in and see...
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    921 Hookup with Legacy Dual LNB's

    I currently have a Dish 500 with Legacy Dual LNB's along with a single dish with a Dual LNB. I currently feed 4 receivers with a SW64 switch. I want to replace my 6000 receiver with the 921. What's the best way to wire this if I want to contiune to feed four receivers? I believe I saw a...