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    Unable to get a DC lock with a DSR922

    I picked up a DSR922 the other day with EC Firmware that was manufactured in 2001. I was surprised to see that it hadn't lost it's ID. I did and auth reset option 67780 to clear the 4160 EMM and now EMM shows 0. I dumped the NVRAM and put the latest maps on. All the analog channels come in...
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    Virtual Channel String Creation

    When generating custom virtual channel strings, where can the following be obtained? 3 - avc (1 = avc 0 = none) 9 - MPEG program number Would not having the "9 - MPEG program number" not correctly entered, cause the channel to show in the guide, but not be able to be selected or keyed in with...
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    DSR920 Lost Most of the Eastern Arc

    My 920 has been subbed for about a week now. I do not know the history of the 920 since I nabbed it from a freebie pile. I had all the satellites listed, including X4, so I just had to 0 out the emm from 4096 and forced a hit and I was switched to H2H. We've been watching TV without any issues...