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  1. J

    I want to subscribe, but I'm really scared...

    Keep in mind this is an Internet forum so by its very nature you will see more complaints than happy stories ;) Personally my install went very smoothly and I had no trouble at all. Its not like the cable company can't screw up and install too!
  2. J

    Rainbow Filed form 10 yesterday....big news!

    I really think they should make it much more clear that you can recieve the HD channels on your non HD television. And drive home the point that when you do it looks like a DVD not lousy SD. I think all of this is great news and the fact that they have a long term plan that makes sense shows...
  3. J

    Signal Quality / Power and Rain Fade

    Hello, I had Voom installed on Friday and am really enjoying it. Can someone explain the difference between the Signal Quality and Power and how they relate to rain fade? I have signal quality of 97 and power of about 75, we had some light rain the other night and some of the channels started...
  4. J

    Great Install

    I am about 25 miles away and surrounded by trees so I would bet you will have no problem :) Do you just leave the STB on to get the upgrade? Unfortunately Voom did not send a welcome pack with my boxes so I have no manual,
  5. J

    Great Install

    I was installed today in MA took about 2.5 hours. Installer called me 30 mins before he got here to let me know when he would show, which really started things off on the right foot. There was one glitch when he called to activate the recievers and they showed I had only 1 instead of 2. I...
  6. J

    VOOM Installations

    Hi, I have been lurking around here for quite a while and bit the bullet and ordered Voom last week to replace my lousy Charter Cable. I have a couple of questions about the install that I have seen conflicting information about. 1. Do I need to provide a multi-switch? The email from Installs...