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    Virtual "junior" Joey!

    Good news...Dish announced yesterday a new "Virtual Junior Joey" app that will run the Joey software on smaller devices such as Roku, FireTV, etc. Bad news....they've since nixed the idea since they thought the shortened VJJ sounded too much like a woman's "danger zone". :rolleyes:
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    Dish Anywhere App For Rokus?

    Just wondering if there are any rumors/plans for Dish to release a Dish Anywhere app for Rokus, or other Internet-connected streaming devices? It's been a while, but I remember someone posting a screenshot of the app on a connected TV.
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    Wishful Thinking

    I just hooked up a Vizio Co-Star box to my bedroom Joey and was blown away on how nice the GoogleTV guide integrates with Dish. In fact, it made me jealous and got me thinking how easy it would be for Dish to spruce up their Quick Guide to show cover art for movies, TV shows, etc. To get an...
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    External Hard Drive Icons Issue

    :confused: Okay, seriously...what in the world is going on with the icons on the external hard drive? I was thrilled when the latest Hopper software update seemed to fix the "missing icons" bug, but now it's back to its old tricks. I use my external hard drive to archive movies that we want to...
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    DishAnywhere App Updated - Holy Crap!

    I noticed on my Droid phone this morning that the DishAnywhere app automatically updated. It's been a couple of weeks since I last used this, so I decided to give it a whirl to see what, if anything, was updated. HOLY CRAP! From the moment I chose "Watch" from the guide, I was watching live TV...
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    Shows transferred to EHD missing icons

    I know this is a known issue, but this is driving me crazy. I have a 2TB EHD that I use to archive mostly movies that we plan on watching later. When we do have "movie night", we go to the EHD and see nothing but blank tiles where the icon should be. On some movies, it may show the channel logo...
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    How far is Dish away from background art (fan art)?

    As a former Windows Media Center enthusiast, I'm wondering how far away are we from seeing some background art (or fan art) when you browse movies and/or TV shows? For example, you have a list of movies, and when you click on the thumbnail image, a nice screen comes up with rotating images (or...