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    Hopper Upgrades

    Please PM regarding cost and monthly charges of an upgrade of a single 622 with AT200 to one Hopper and one Joey. Thanks
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    Determing the quality of co-axial cable

    I made the mistake of buying one from Home Depot that had a copper plated steel conductor instead of solid copper and it didn't have a foam dialectric - just extruded plastic. I wouldn't have known if I hadn't cut it.
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    921 Noise Level

    Which type of damper pads did you use?
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    Need help to setup the 921.......

    I don't have the 921 manual with me but I think it said something about hooking up the 921 directly to the 119/110 dish without switches first in order to take the download then add the switch and run checkswitch. I may be wrong but this would explain your problem.
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    What's First Step For 921

    Don't forget about the 'check switch' between items 2 and 3.
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    Help please – Dish 4900 receiver

    Thanks for all your help. I was able to determine that the 4900 was dead so it's headed for the trash! Stuart
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    Help please – Dish 4900 receiver

    Yesterday I replaced the sun damaged RG6 from the LNBF (twin) to the ground block after which the receiver (Dish 4900) failed to power up. The light would only stay of for about 5 seconds after a smart card reboot. I tried putting the original cable back but no change. So, what’s gone bad – is...
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    Questions about 921 and satellite hookup

    See, I just knew that setting up this 921 was going to be easy ;) Seriously, I've read every 921 related post here and on DBSTalk in the hope that I can make this thing work. Life would have been so much simpler if I'd bought a HDTivo but that's not in my nature - way back I bought Betamax...
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    Questions about 921 and satellite hookup

    Thanks for that. I'm advised by Dish CSR that all the HD channels are on 110/119 and that I don't need a dish at 148. That makes hookup easy because now (please correct me if I'm wrong) I just connect the second (currently unused) output from the twin LNBF to the second tuner on the 921 per the...
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    Questions about 921 and satellite hookup

    Hi, I've just received my 921 and it is calling out to me to get going with the install! 1) I'm in CA and have a dish 500 pointed at 110/119. Is this sufficient to get all the HD channels or do I need to get another dish pointed at 61.5? 2) If I don't need another dish then I need to take...