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    phone line?

    Hey So my uncle went to order dish network today and they said that he needed a phone line plugged in, problem is he doesnt have a phone line. they said they were going to charge him an additional $5.00, has anyone ever came across this?
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    Supercast issues?

    Hey Is anyone else having a problem watching supercast, while watching the games, it randomly just locks up and I gotta hit watch game. its getting annoying. :(
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    Question about DVR?

    I have the explorer 8300 hd box and was wondering if the usb or firewall was enabled in which i could take recorded programs off it and put it on cd. Thanks Mike
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    Comcast sportsnet philly

    Hey, I'm watching the flyers game tonight on comcast philly. How is that possible? Comcast was still not letting directv or dish get there channel because of the loophole.
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    NFL Network?

    Any update on if nfl network is coming to cablevision?
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    RSN's in HD?

    Hey Scott, I'm hoping you can shed some light on whats going on with rsn's in hd. earl at dbstalk is reporting some good happening but hasn't said what channels yet. Maybe you have clue also would this be just for the local market and if so, why.
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    Oln Hd?

    Hey, does directv pick up the hd feed of oln, I was hoping to watch my flyers tonight? I checked the guide and nothing is appearing now for the game.
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    nhl hd?

    well i see the hurricans vs penguins is in hd on channel 95, but when i go to it, it says not available in my area now i live in nj, so i know its not a blackout issue. are they only showing the games regional in pittsburgh area?
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    analog channels turning off?

    Any true to the rumor that the analog channels are being turned off in march for central nj?
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    hd package included in tc premium?

    hey, anyone got info if the hd package will be added to tc premium? longhorn said something about this before but wasn't sure.
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    TNTHD guide on h20?

    Hey, Has anyones guide been updated to shows whats on channel 75, mines still blank, no titles.
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    DTV Launching MHD ?

    as posted by scob at dbstalk, I don't know why D* hasn't said anything yet, but here's the link to the MTV HD website: click on the link that says get mhd, enter your zip code and if you choose DirecTV in the dropdown menu, it will tell you that they are signed to launch...
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    this is weird, hockey on fsn midwest hd?

    hey guys, i got the new 5lnb dish with h20, i also got the hockey ticket with sports package, whats weird is that i was going thru and noticed on 647 FSN Midwest that the blues game for tonight says its hd with the hd logo on the guide and info, now i went to the channel and the game is in sd. i...
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    longhorn any hd news?

    hey longhorn, can you provide us with any of the lastest hd news for directv? You have been quite on this issue, hopefully something good maybe.
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    Pixelation - MPEG-4 (Philadelphia Locals)

    On fox channel 29 there is a pixelation issue the rest look fine. I contacted directv about this via email and get some stupid response back that makes no sense. Who should I contact to let them know of the problem.
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    R15 or Directivo

    Hey, looking to upgrade all my rooms with a dvr, which one is better an r15 or directivo?
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    multi room viewing?

    Hey, I got like 4 bedrooms that I wanna put the tivo dvr in but should I wait for the home media center to come out or go with just the regular dvrs?
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    next 12 markets?

    Hey, Has anyone heard anything on the next 12 markets its kinda been quiet.
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    FIOS in NJ

    Hey, Does anyone know the date for fios in washington township, mercer county?
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    next 12 hd lil markets?

    Hey longhorn, do you have any idea when the next few markets will be launched, like philly?