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    having dish network in condo

    Hi need advice might be moving to condo ,is it feasible to have out side dish more than the 8 floor ? Would there be more rainfade and wind probelms? I live in miami fl with a lot of rain in the summer.Also when they run the wires from the dish can they do it without going under the terrace...
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    sirius xm on the hopper

    Hi love the hopper and joey, yet when i play the sirius xm channels the music details do not move around. The question is wont this cause burn in? Thanks Harv
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    dish hd picture vs U-verse hd how to they compare?

    Ive been with dish 13yrs yet ive been looking into u-verse since they have yes and mlb network , can anyone tell me how they compare to dish in picture quility (hd) ? Thanks Harv
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    dish stock

    Why is Dish stock up so high both on aug 8, and also extended hrs ?Monday Dish reports come out. Harvey
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    hdmi or component cable with 622

    Best buy just installedmy new samsungtv. and couldnt use hdmi cable with my dish 622 had to use component cables instead. They told me me hd is just as good with component cables . Should i call dish and get a another 622 that takes hdmi cable? Thanks Harvey
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    History HD

    History hd is back on. Harvey:)
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    from sirus to xm help

    Im buying a new car which comes with xm and have to give up sirus, my question is can i just put a new xm reciver in my second car since i already have an installtion from the sirus radio im taking out? thanks harvey
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    new honda crv7

    Hi all looking at the new honda crv7,anyone have one , can tell me any pro ,cons? Thanks Harvey
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    Did anyone get there feb bill yet ?

    My bill went up almost 20 $ . Harvey
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    help with set up

    Hi need some advice, I have 622 hooked up to main hd tv. The second tv2 is hooked up to 508 non hd, Want to get new hd for tv 2 will they lease me another 622, and can i use that for tv2 out? Thanks harvey
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    super stations

    Since i lost cbs ny hd , i"m thinking of getting super station pkg. Can anyone tell me if wpix or wsbk carrey sports? thanks Harv
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    622 question

    On my 942 and 811 always said stretch for sd and when i change to hd it would say normal, now on the 622 it doesn"t anything. Yet i have sd in the stretch mode.thanks havey
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    811 for sale

    811 sat no issues remote 105.00 plus shipping email ##### thanks harvey
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    811 for sale

    Hi all, 811 for sale no issues clean card , with remote. 175.00 plus 15.00 shipping . Please email me with offer. . thanks harvey
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    adelphia cable in kendall fl

    Hi can anyone tell me how the picture is in both digital and hd? Im thinking of going from dish back to cable. thanks harvey
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    942 and 622

    Hi i have a 942 with two dishes 61.5 1 and 110 119, why to i have to pay 99 after rebate if all the inputs are the same? Cant i self install myself it took five installs to get my 942 right. harvey
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    942 help

    I have a 942 and im trying to learn the difference between single mode and dual mode. When im tapeing indual mode can i watch a different program on the same tv? I keep my tv on dual all the time. thanks harvey
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    new fox

    new fox reality now on dish 190 harvey
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    942 help

    Just had the 942 installed and it's a mess; keep losing 61.5 and getting all types of error messages such as: 502 and 530. The 530 message states one of the satellite inputs or switches is not connected properly. Normal operation will be adversely affected. When I do a switch check, it...
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    942 setup

    Getting 942 delliverd next week , I have 811 now with sw64 switch , do they need to change the switch ?Is the hd on 942 about the same as thehd on the 811? thanks harvey