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    TSReader works on Linux via Wine.

    TSReader loaded right up under Wine on my MythTV Linux box. I then used the TCP "source" to connect to a program called socket that works like netcat. I modified a dvb-apps tool called dvbtraffic slightly to just dump the TS to stdout and ran it via socket. So I used szap to tune the...
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    MaxHD on 211k with Welcome Pack & 1 cent Cinemax?

    I'm considering switching to a 211k receiver with my Welcome Pack + Locals so I can get a couple of the locals in HD that I can't get OTA at all. I'm also doing the Cinemax for 1 cent. Is Cinemax HD only provided as part of an HD package even though I am subscribed to Cinemax already for my...
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    DishPVR 508 + DP301 = dish now prepaid PVR 809

    Well ok, I made up the DishPVR 809 model number by adding 508 + 301. :) By soldering pins into the JTAG headers of my Dish Now! 301 and a DishPVR 508 purchased off Craigslist, I was able to bring the 508 up with the prepaid receiver id and purple G3 access card. The result is a prepaid...
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    Linux FAQ about DVB-S QPSK DVB-S2 8PSK PCI PCIe USB adapters

    Ok, post your questions here and I'll try to consolidate them into an FAQ about Linux and DVB in general. There have been a few threads on Linux and DVB, but I'm hoping we can consolidate a lot of useful information into this one. What is the BEST card for Linux? Asked...
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    Coolsat 6000 repair / remote / IR receiver / power supply

    I just wanted to mention a couple hardware fixes for Coolsat 6000s since I couldn't find much information on one of the fixes. I went by the local "FTA" shop, to see if they had another used Coolsat 6000 for my brother. Only had one and no remote and no TV to show it was working. After...
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    New rescue: NSC12-1

    I posted a want ad for Primestars locally and someone called me about a dish they had in their shed. Basically just the reflector they said, but it was 48" x 54". Since it was a beautiful day out here on Sunday I decided to drive over and see him and pick up the dish. He uses a Primestar and...
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    Mumbai News Feeds?

    Anyone find any feeds active into North America?
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    Low pass filters / Attenuation of DBS signals.

    So let me start by saying that RF is not my specialty. :) I've been looking at some data sheets recently for low pass filters. Particularly a DC to 825Mhz filter that has an interesting insertion loss graph. From the specs: Mhz Insert Loss (dB) 850 0.99 950 1.19 1100 1.58 1300...
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    Feeds cause receiver performance issues?

    This is on a Coolsat 7000, Fortec 90, Invacom Quad. I won't mention the feeds of course, but a couple I've looked at today are doing something similar to some feeds last week. Basically the receiver becomes extremely slow responding to key presses or generating OSD messages. I have 80-82% Q...
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    Anyone recognize this dish?

    I saw this on craigslist today and I'm wondering if you guys could help me identify it? I'm guessing 2.4M with narrow enough mesh for Ku, but I thought someone here would probably recognize this and know the exact brand / model. Not that I really have anywhere to put this, but I'm liking the...