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    Picture Quality on Baltimore Locals

    Had the same problem all weekend...actually started on Thursday night....mine was happening on 45 and 11... all other channels seemed fine..... my 622 just shut down around 8:00 pm Thursday... I had to reset it and after that I had the problem......looks like it is ok today..thanks for...
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    Eastern arc dish performance in bad weather

    I am in Baltimore MD and this is the first time I have ever lost my signal because of snow..(This is my 1st winter with Eastern Arc as well).......We had 3 feet last year and never lost it once...but this is a very wet snow and it is sticking to everything and it is on the highest point of my...
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    Enter To Win a BOXEE BOX by DLINK!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
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    Are you or have you signed-up for HD or Life?

    right, that is what I did just called and they dropped my bill by 10.00 and it was automatic....
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    Platinum HD, I'm missing 5 channels

    they replaced my 2 500 dishes with 1 EA dish and they gave me a 222 HD receiver to replace my 322...and I still have a 622 have to have all mpeg 4 receivers for EA I believe...
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    Platinum HD, I'm missing 5 channels

    I do not have dhpp and they did not ask me to take it.......I used to have it for my 1st 2 year commitment, but I stopped it after that
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    Platinum HD, I'm missing 5 channels

    I made the change last week to EA to get all the missing HD and they did not charge me anything at all....however, I did have to sign up for another 2 years...
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    DISH HD Migration off of 61.5

    this is so true....I was lucky that the CSR I had put me on hold to speak to someone else.... twice...once when I told her I was not getting all the HD I pay for with Platinum and again when I told her all the HD was eventually leaving 61.5....and that I thought I needed EA...after the 2nd...
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    Switched to EA Dish just left...Great install!!

    After reading Scott's post the other day about all the HD leaving 61.5 by next year...I decided to call dish and make the move (I had the 2 dish set up)...Came today ...took out my 2 Dish 500's and replaced it with the EA dish. Gave me a new 222 to replace my 322 that was for the...
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    Dish Gets New Hearing In TiVo Patent Case

    Just got this in my email Dish Gets New Hearing In TiVo Patent Case A federal appeals court today granted Dish Network's request to rehear a DVR patent case between TiVo, Dish and its sister company, EchoStar.
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    5/5/2010 5:02pm - Uplink Activity Report - 58 changes

    Thanks...that's what I thought but I saw that they were moved in the first post and was hoping o get a few of the new HD channels..I guess I will have to replace my 2 dish set up with the Eastern Arc dish to get those.
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    5/5/2010 5:02pm - Uplink Activity Report - 58 changes

    I am a little confused...I am on 61.5 and now I see indie and retro HD but they say they have moved...(I never had them in the first place)...and the channels they have moved to do not exist on any of my my lists I still have to get an Eastern arc dish to see these and the rest of...
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    Games in HD but not on Dish in HD (Part time HD)

    Every Baltimore Orioles game is in HD on MASN this year...but Dish only has MASN in SD...however they suck so it football season yet?:D
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    Can you get the new HD from DISH?

    my conversation with dish So here is my story....just got off the phone with my new bill went up 10.00 but I got 9.00 in credits??? so not to bad....but the bill breaks down like this Service Date(s) Detailed Activity Previous Balance $ 124.01 Feb 04 Credit Card Payment...
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    3 Months free of Showtime and HBO

    I just called in to complain that they charged me the 5.00 for not having a phone line hooked up.....I have always had 2 phone lines hooked up and never been charged 5.00. She checked my account and said she sees I have never been charged and asked if I see caller ID on both boxes with the...
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    Rumor NO MORE!, SpeedHD, FX HD & More THIS WEEK! (NOW LIVE)

    I have all 5 lit up and working ...of course not much HD on now...but Speed looks great in HD and I am not even much of a race fan... yet:) I have the Platinum pak and everything else I think...any way more tv than I can watch.
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    BET HD is on now.. channel 124

    Just did a quick 3 minute on line chat with Dish tech and BET HD was turned on in a couple of minutes. Not sure why I did it HD that I can find on that channel, but that red block was bugin me since I should be getting everything. Oh well at least I did not have to make a...
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    Is this a confusing program package or what?

    That's what I thought and that is after the increase we just had. It sure is a confusing way to put together a package..but I got what I 2 year commitment is up now and I thought they might change it around. When I started it also included all the Voom channels as well.
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    Is this a confusing program package or what?

    I am not complaining...just wondering if I am getting the best deal for the money. When I signed up over 2 years ago the rep said this was the way to go..that it would save me money and I would get everything . and then I added the premiums later. oh and still have not got BET HD yet...
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    Holiday Greeting Thread

    Merry Christmas and A Happy HD New Year from Baltimore MD.:up