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    Dish 622 L356 Software Release Notes

    I've already noticed improvemnts with the new update, DD audio seems to be smooth in transition from channel to channel.
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    A few questions regarding incorrect install

    This splitters are weather proof so no prob there
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    Do they take your old dish and lnbs when upgrading

    They took mine when they put my 1000 dish in
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    622 nightly download

    no one knows????
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    622 nightly download

    I was wondering does the 622 do a soft reboot nightly when it gets its new guide or only when it gets a software update?
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    Installation question and 622. Please help!

    Go for the 622 it rocks!!! As for trees I have had a dish pointed straight into a bunch of trees and it picked up the signal fine. The only thing you might worry on is the signal strength of the 129 satellite which is where all the HD channels are. But go for it!!! and enjoy Jason
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    942 Obsolete: Dish Network Ripoff?

    just cause the csr told you you would get all the new HD channels with the 942 gives you no reason to go to any legal matters as CSR's are stupid to begin with and you didnt have that in writting or any contract. But on your defense I think anyone who purchased a 942 in the past say 6 months...
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    Help - Install next week what should I confirm

    All you need is a dish 1000 as they support up to 2 receivers. That 1000 probably wont be on the work order but my installer had one added the same day and got another installer to bring one over, and so far most people have had the installer fix the work order the same day. good luck and enjoy...
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    Sad farewell to DISH

    yeah true, well then they dont have the 622!!!!!
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    Sad farewell to DISH

    Yep bad choice, dish will always be the leader in tv viewing technology and cable doesnt have mpeg4. :)
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    Does this statement look right?

    Heres my new statement since my 622 upgrade. I was hoping for around $100.00??? New Monthly Charge(s) 03/22 to 04/21 DISH NETWORK DVR SERVICEFEE 5.98 LEASED RECEIVER FEE 5.0 DISHHD SILVER W/ LOCALS 64.99 AMERICA'S TOP 180 WITH PARTIAL MONTH(S) 02/25-03/21 -49.09 DISH NETWORK DVR...
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    622 And The Advanced Tech!

    Mine never does that, been running 2 weeks now, no probs
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    Charlie Chat slated for 1 hr. 30 mins?

    Its Dish's anniversary so they gotta spend 30 minutes blowing up balloons while we watch. :)
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    Any updates on The Horror Channel?

    Um, don't you mean "Monster HD" on Voom channels? Its all horror movies
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    Transponder help?

    I have a new dish 1000 and my 129 signal ranges from upper 50's to lower 70's on transponder 30. When I change transponders I can sometimes get it up to 80's, should I change the transponders? I dont even know what they are and if I should mess with the default of 30? Someone help me out and how...
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    Dish HD locals?

    No on my OTA locals I get black bars on the sides. Will that still happen on dishes local hds?
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    Dish HD locals?

    Are dishes hd locals broadcast 24/7 in hd are only when a show is presented in hd? like is it upconverting all shows? Jason