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  1. BearcatScott

    DIRECTV Now login credentials on Apple Tv

    On Directv Now website it claims that there are login credentials for USA and SYFY apps on Apple TV. However, I don't see Directv Now listed as a carrier on these apps. Am I crazy or just not seeing it?
  2. BearcatScott

    Supposed Free Month with Playstation Vue

    I signed up for the free month of Playstation Vue promotion on 4 January. They charged my credit card on 11 January for a month of service on 11 January. Promptly canceled service but out $54.99. I am attempting to get in touch with Sony to get a refund. This happen to anyone else?
  3. BearcatScott

    Will EHD on Hopper w/Sling work with a 211?

    The title says it all. I am thinking of getting rid of Dish and I currently lease a Hooper w/Sling. I own a 211 and was wondering if I save everything to an EHD from my Hopper could I watch the recorded shows on the 211. TIA
  4. BearcatScott

    Amazon Video App on Apple TV 4

    Where is the Amazon Video App for Apple TV 4? Amazon said they would have it by the end of 2015. Haven't heard a peep from them since.
  5. BearcatScott

    Starz on Demand Question

    I have AT250 and Dish Movie Pack. I receive Starz On Demand also. I'm looking at going to AT200 but would like to keep Starz On Demand. Am I receiving it because I have Dish Movie Pack?
  6. BearcatScott

    QVC in HD

    Got an urgent call from my parents saying that QVC on channel 137 was not in HD this morning. Anyone heard if Dish has dropped QVC in HD? TIA Scott
  7. BearcatScott

    Playboy TV

    Anyone know if there is a three month free deal currently for Playboy TV?
  8. BearcatScott

    Synology DS214play NAS and AppleTV

    Anyone out there using a Synology DS214play NAS on their home network to stream video to their AppleTV boxes? Looks like an interesting NAS and Synology claims that it can transcode video on the fly and send it an AppleTV.
  9. BearcatScott

    Trying to pause Hopper w/Sling

    When I watch the Reds, Bengals, and Bearcats I like to listen to the game on the radio. Usually the satellite is ahead of the radio call so I try to pause the video for 4-5 seconds. Put it never works and goes back to live. It seems that about 7 seconds is the shortest you can delay the video...
  10. BearcatScott

    Playboy TV On Demand

    Is Playboy TV On Demand available to Dish customers?
  11. BearcatScott

    Samsung un60d6000 TV with HDMI Dish input

    My in-laws have the Samsung un60d6000 tv hooked up to a 211K thru HDMI. When choosing the HDMI input source on tv with 16:9 setting, the picture is zoomed in and I can't figure out why. You can tell on ESPN because you can't see the scrolling ticker. Anyone have a clue why the is happening? 211...
  12. BearcatScott

    STARZ Streaming

    Anyone know why all the episodes for Magic City and Season 2 of Boss don't show up in the Dish STARZ streaming menus? I think the first 5 or 6 Boss episodes show up for this season and then it stops. I think the last 1 or 2 episodes of Magic City don't show up. I think the same thing happened...
  13. BearcatScott

    AEP Question

    Is it possible to substitute Playboy for one of the other premiums, such as Starz, in the AEP package? I thought I read that in this forum at one time.
  14. BearcatScott

    How to Determine Which DIRT team Members are Online at any given time

    The title of the post says it all. I would like to PM a DIRT member about adding programming. Thanks in advance.
  15. BearcatScott

    Netflix Problems

    Anyone having problems with Netflix streaming today? I haven't been able to stream anything for several hours. On my ATV2, it keeps giving me an error saying my username and password don't match but I am able to log on to Netflix on my laptop with same user id/pw but streaming doesn't work either.
  16. BearcatScott

    Reds on FoxSports Ohio in HD

    Someone explain this to me. I turn on the Reds on channel 427 Fox Sports Ohio and it is in SD. I look in the guide and the Reds television feed is in HD on an HD alternate channel 444. So I'm watching the game in HD but not on the regular Fox Sports Ohio channel. I don't get it!
  17. BearcatScott

    DP Plus 44 Switch

    My current setup is 1000.4 EA dish with two 622 receivers. I also have a 211 receiver that I would like to add but there are only two lines run from the 1000.4 into my house which are hooked up to my two 622s. I do have an old DPP 44 Switch, can this switch be used with 622s and the 211 in an...
  18. BearcatScott

    Ohio Court Oks Satellite Tax

    Ohio Supreme Court OKs state's satellite TV tax | | Cincinnati.Com
  19. BearcatScott

    Server network storage advice

    My office currently has 8 people (could increase to 15) with a mix of Macs and PCs and we use a server with Windows Server 2000. We only use the server for filing sharing, our printers connect to the network and that works fine for us. We have hit the limits of space on our server (160 GB) and...
  20. BearcatScott

    HD America Gold

    I have AEP +Platinum and I am thinking of moving to HD America Gold + Platinum. My question is I don't want to lose my regional Fox Sports so I can receive Cincinnati sports such as the Reds. Is the HD version of the regional Fox Sports channel included with HD America Gold?