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    IA-6 Spin

    I didn't see anything posted anywheres else but IA-6 did a quick 360 today after a memory upload at about noon. 15 minutes after contact was lost control was regained and everything seems to be back to normal. Thanks to Michael Huitt over at ABSAT for the graphic. Neal
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    My HD .WMV movie!

    Just finshed editing and uploading a 5:30 HD video from a recent snowmobile trip. We were in Island Park, ID and the snow was great! It was shot with a JVC GY-HD100 and mixed in Dolby 5.1. Enjoy! :hungry: Also let me know what you...
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    Kansas City Soccer

    For anyone that cares my good buddy Mike is transmitting on AMC 9 Xpndr 14 full. Kansas City vs. someone? in soccer. Neal
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    New Member

    Hello all I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Neal Mastel and I work for Satellite Technology Systems operating Unit 3, the C/Ku hybrid uplink truck. Onboard are 3 Directv HD IRDs along with Directway satellite internet though Ground Control. Most of the work will be sports...