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    nfl network

    can we expect optimum to be one of the those cable systems it is added too? NFL Network agrees to deal with National Cable Television Cooperative - ESPN NFL Network agrees to co-op deal Associated Press NEW YORK -- NFL Network has agreed to a deal with the National Cable...
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    dvr set up

    for some reason my dvr only records when im watching tv if the box is off or my tv isnt on it doesnt record or it will show recording on the tv when i hit the dvr button but it wont say record on the box. is there a setting set up wrong? or something on my tv that i have to set up because the...
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    pay per channel

    is that possible? i pay $1.50 a month for ktla was wondering if i could do that with other channels. i wanted to downgrade my plan but a few channels that i have now wont be available to me in the smaller plan so was wondering if i could just pay for the 1 or 2 channels i wouldnt be getting anymore
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    all american direct

    hello i have a question i did the waivers for all 4 networks i received two of them nbc and abc i talked to them today about trying to get cbs and fox and they told me i would have to contact the local fox and cbs stations and ask them for a waiver. i live in ny so i would need to contact them...
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    yes im late but still would like to no

    im not a Yankee fan but extra baseball games is always good but is dish ever going to get the YES network. i live in ny and even yankee games on espn get blacked out and. has any1 heard anything on why they dont already have it on the sports plan? thanks in advance