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  1. bowaters

    Help with Asus WL-330gE

    Can anybody help me with setting up an Asus WL-330gE Ethernet connection to a VIP 722? I have a Linksys Wireless G Network Network in use. It is not practical hardwire the Ethernet connection to the 722.
  2. bowaters

    Signal Loss TV2 on Model 522

    I am not getting a signal on TV2 on Dish Model 522. The signal on TV1 is fine. Setup is two dishes - 110 & 119 on one Dish and 61.5 on the other. There is one line coming into house to back of the receiver. A Dish seperator is used to split to TV1 and TV2. Dish Tech checked connections and said...
  3. bowaters

    TV2 Black and White issue

    On my model 522 when a recorded show is paused on TV1, one of the tvs on TV2 goes to black and white. If you hit back button or watch a recorded show on TV2 the color is fine. If you switch TV2 back to live tv it is black and white again until you unpause TV1 or go back to live tv on TV1. I have...
  4. bowaters

    Distant Network Channels

    I received a letter from Dishnetwork yesterday which said I must choose either my locals (Pittsburgh DMA) or distant network channels. I have had distant network channels since 1996 and thought that I was grandfathered since SHVIA was extended. Even though I am in the Pittsburgh DMA I am not...