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    Switched to EA Dish just left...Great install!!

    After reading Scott's post the other day about all the HD leaving 61.5 by next year...I decided to call dish and make the move (I had the 2 dish set up)...Came today ...took out my 2 Dish 500's and replaced it with the EA dish. Gave me a new 222 to replace my 322 that was for the...
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    Dish Gets New Hearing In TiVo Patent Case

    Just got this in my email Dish Gets New Hearing In TiVo Patent Case A federal appeals court today granted Dish Network's request to rehear a DVR patent case between TiVo, Dish and its sister company, EchoStar.
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    Is this a confusing program package or what?

    I am not complaining...just wondering if I am getting the best deal for the money. When I signed up over 2 years ago the rep said this was the way to go..that it would save me money and I would get everything . and then I added the premiums later. oh and still have not got BET HD yet...
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    VIP 622 ..2nd tuner turns on by itself!!

    Has anyone had this problem...when I wake up in the morning the blue light is on indicating the tv in the basement is on, well the 2nd tuner is on not the tv. I have to go downstairs and use the remote and turn off the 622. Then I get home in the afternoon and it is on again. had been...
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    Anyone else notice this today?

    My HD guide has almost all my channels duplicated with different numbers and all in red...when you click on one of the red channels it it says I am not subscribed. All the channels are still there and I can get them. I have the everything pak so whats up with the duplications? Ron
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    1080p question

    If I buy a Blu Ray player and use it with a 1080i TV will it work, I mean does it downgrade a 1080p dvd to 10801 to play on a 1080i TV? Is it worth buying it now or waiting to upgrade to 1080p tv? I have an up converting dvd player now...the Sony 400 disc one, and the reg DVD's look great...
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    Question about changing the guide

    Can we delete channels off of the HD guide on the 622? I mean I now have like 10 Center Ice blank channels and then they and others are duplicated again. Short of creating my own HD favorites is there any way to drop at least the duplicate channels (I think they are called map down) Thanks, Ron
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    Question about Logo burn in on new HD channels

    The new HD channels all have the annoying logo in the right hand bottom corner, Besides being annoying how long does it take for it to burn in on a plasma tv I have the 50 in" Panasonic TH-50PX. Thanks Ron