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    942 HDMItv signal issues

    Yeah we checked his cables and immediatly threw out the dish supplied hdmi / dvi cables....Top quality stuff ya know! ...The auto setting I was Talking about was the audio setting in the tv. I took a 942 down to my buddy over at Best Buy and we hooked it to every tv with HDMI in the place and...
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    Old Dish Network brochure

    yeah well I remember the good ole days when I could charge a grand for a dtv box and $400 for a single install !! Gone are those days !
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    How Do Diplexors Work? Slow channel changing?

    There has always been and always will be a delay when changing channels on satellite. The reason that happens is because you are sending the command to change channels, then the rcvrs. dinky little processor has to pick which transponder that channel is from and then change to it. If you have a...
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    Why a second antenna?

    Yeah ya know , i've been a retailer for 8 yrs and it's easier to just ask Tony!
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    942 HDMItv signal issues

    checked systems Yeah we already replaced the cables. The only setting in the TV for the HDMI input was to set the audio to auto. The tv is HDCP compliant.I think that the input is bad on the TV.We have replaced the rcvr. twice with still the same issues. No audio comes through either.
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    942 HDMItv signal issues

    I have a customer in L.A. that has a Panasonic TH-50PX500U TV and a 942 unit.He is saying that his TV cannot pick up the signal through the HDMI input off the 942.We have replaced the rcvr.and checked out the old one and everything checks out good.Panasonic has said that the only signal issues...
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    Wierd Dish500 Problem

    Yeah I checked the footprint and you are on the edge of the spotbeam.Check with dish to see if you can get a 24" dish.Most of the time they are free.Some markets they charge $60.00 to customers.
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    my ugly and painful dish install

    Yep.Pretty crappy job allright.That installer needs to go back and fix the job.If this was dnsc they will most likely fix it for you.Sorry you had a bad experience.
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    Jumping E* Ship

    Directv uses mainly Ironwood Communications and Mountain satellite to do their own installs.Ironwood has 90 offices in 35 states and more than 40,000 employees.Definately not a cheap contractor!
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    I thought emails to CEO@echostar were suppose to be answered?

    Why dont you just talk to regular customer svc.people have been abusing the ceo e-mail address.there are more than 9 million subscribers with Dish.Just be patient.
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    Buying an older receiver?

    Remember what RCA stands for Really Crappy Appliances.
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    What if E* Buys VOOM?

    hitting the 61.5 bird from the west coast is no problem.My guys do it all the time.18 degree elevation and 105 degree azimuth.Damn thing looks like it pointing into the ground!
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    Dish Network Girl

    for all of you old satellite tv buffs...Tanya Meme has been around since the days of primestar!
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    Superdish customer waits super long

    Just call the dish exexcutive office at1-866-443-5162.They are open until 11pm mountain time.This has been way too long.
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    61.5 using a Direct tv dish?

    Yeah...a hammer and a good set of channel locks!
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    Super Dish Type 2

    There is no reason why a type 2 dish will not work with a 301 rcvr.type 1 is a metal superdish and type 2 is a fiberglass dish.All dp equipment will work with superdish.
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    Installation questions....what will the installer do?

    If your house was just recently built then more than likely rg-6 cable was used in the pre-wire.The 522 rcvr requires that 2 cables be run in from the dish to the rcvr.2 tuners....2 lines.After the line gets in to the rcvr then the installer can use the existing prewire to finish up your...
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    721, 110 Satellite Lock, and switch problem

    Your switch will be inside your quad lnb.It is built in to the lnb instead of the good old days where it was left to be installed seperately.Do you have 2 dishes?Could also be a bad sw-21 if only one rcvr is affected.
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    Considering DishNetwork

    This question has come up quite a bit lately.The best thing to do is go on dishnetworks website and compare programming.The 522 is an excellent features for 2 tvs!now that there is no longer a commitment on the dha promo satellite is a great deal.If you need some help on this or have...
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    Billing Problem

    Welcome to Cablevision!