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    DISEqC 1.1 & 1.2 functions compared?

    I've recently wondered about the receivers that do and do not have the DISEqC 1.1 protocol option that controls up to 16 ports. It's been noted here in an old 2008 thread that is closed but I question that too when I read what other sources say about switch control. It's said that both 1.1 and...
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    Message From Webpage: VSCAN7

    Here we go again, another new hijack when I attempted to open the login page to SatelliteGuys. I'm getting really tired of this sort of stuff :mad:
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    More new channels on Galaxy19 97W

    If it hasn't already been posted I thought I'd mention the "Hello Channel" on TP 11789 is now up and another coming soon on 12060, there may be other's but I haven't looked through the entire list yet.
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    Mfr error in Patriot dish???

    I thought that some of you might find this interesting. What do you think about this? I have a 90cm Patriot dish that belonged to a friend, I installed it for her over 5 years ago, it was aimed at the 101W for only 3 channels. Then some time back a roofer had removed the dish to reroof her patio...
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    Any SatelliteAV Sale Promo Codes?

    I was wondering if there's any Promotional Sales going on during this time? I have friend's who want a FTA system for the Christian programming on Galaxy-19 and I'd like to find an affordable 90cm dish system without paying an arm and a leg for shipping to the So Cal Desert area. These people...
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    Free Preview this week

    I read somewhere that Showtime will be free previewed this week for subscribers, ends this Sunday
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    Amazing Discoveries

    If it hasn't already been mentioned, Amazing Discoveries has now launched. I just noticed it on the air this morning. :D Galaxy 19 (97.0°W Ku) 11842 H 22000 3/4
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    Brand New Coolsat 5000 Platinum

    What would you think a new (black) "Coolsat 5000 Platinum" is worth these days? And are they still available from retailers?
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    Scored some Viewsat 9000HD stb's

    Does anybody here know anything about this box and the blind scan functions with the turbo 8psk board? I bought a couple of used VS 9k HD boxes for less than $170 bucks for both on ebay and both are in very nice condition and I noticed they both were wiped clean and had the latest factory f/w...
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    Blind Scanning Receivers Question

    Can anybody tell me what is the diff is between hardware and software blind scanning receivers??? :confused: Thanks Guys :)
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    Malicious Code Alerts

    From time to time when navigating SatelliteGuys website I get warnings that my spyware software has blocked an intrusion, I provided the screenshots, you can see the name "satelliteguys" in the log text so it's definately from this website. Can somebody tell me if our privacy is in jeopardy...
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    Member's Photos database problem?

    Iceberg, what's going on with the Photos section? I click on one of my pics and it says; Photo not found in the database! None of the member's photos come up.
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    Dish Farm Update

    I've been moving dishes from roof to ground, adding one or two here and there and building some for friend's, etc. So I thought since most of you like looking at pictures I have some for you, I added text to most of them. The LNB mod is something I just finished for another friend who had only...
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    Seeking help for Neusat HD9000 stb

    I hope I'm not breaking any rules here and I know this is an old receiver but I'm trying to fix my friend's stb he bought used and I need the Factory bin file. Every place I find it posted seems to want me to join and pay for it. Does anybody happen to have this file or know where I can get...
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    Using a WSI DMX242 with 22KHz problem

    I have attached a sketch of the layout for better understanding, if you see something wrong with the configuration please alert me. I need help making a determination on this newly purchased WSI DMX242. When using the WSI DMX242 dual output C-LNB with any 22KHz switch, either 'Ecoda', 'no...
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    "America One" now encrypted?

    121W, I don't have a dish aimed here right now but on a sat chart it looks that America One is now encrypted? :rant: If so I guess I won't consider trying to include it with my plans.
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    3ABN "Proclaim" has launched

    If it hasn't already been mentioned, I'd like to alert you guy's that 3ABN's new "Proclaim" channel is now on the air @ 97.0°W 11842 H 22000 :cool:
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    Cooling Fan Modification

    Well I decided to install a fan on my Pansat 9200HD anyway while I had the receiver apart for the heatsink modification. I put the heatsink paste in and secured the sinks. I've been thinking about adding a fan or fans for a long time and finally decided the way I would do it using an 80mm 12vdc...
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    Unusual Timeshift on 97W & 101W !?!?!?

    Hopefully somebody has an answer to this strange issue... A few days ago I substituted my Pansat 9200HD with a Captive Works 600SP while I work on the 9200HD. The CW600SP is driving a motorized 90cm Ku dish and switching between the Tri-LNB's on my 8 ft BUD. All is well, getting all the SD...
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    Heatsink Modification

    First I want to thank Grimnaw for his cool webpage about the Pansat 9200HD heatsink modifications. He has brought this important subject to our attention and all credit goes to him. Pansat After studying Grimnaw's design and thinking it over carefully I've come up with a simple mod that should...