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    Any progress on hacking the old Voom STBs?

    Thanks for the reply Scott. That's sad to hear, I was hoping these STBs had some potential other than just being bare bones HD OTA tuners. :(
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    Any progress on hacking the old Voom STBs?

    Hi guys, it's been a long time since I've visited SatelliteGuys. The website looks great! Actually, I haven't been by since Voom went under. After that I switched over to Comcast, which has since become Time Warner in this area. Anyway, back to the topic at hand... I was moving some stuff out...
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    Are You Vooming Again On Dish Yet?

    By the time E* made their intention to carry voOm's channels I had already had Comcast installed (Which is growing on me), and I waited to have it installed on the 29th hoping that some good news would come along regarding voOm. Oh well, Dish should have made their plans known sooner, otherwise...
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    Comcast installed today in Dallas

    The tech that installed my service here in Arlington also mentioned that Time Warner was taking over Comcast's market in this areal. Though, he said they would probably use the same equipment with different logos. On demand works well here, but it did take a couple of hours to kick in...
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    [COMCAST] HowTo - 30 second Skip trick for the Motorola 6412 DVR

    I'm sorry goober22, I posted this when I was sleepy :sleeo and I didn't give much thought to the fact that Comcast might be using more than one model/brand of DVR. Thanks for mentioning it, I'm sure it will prevent some frustration for those that are not using the Moto 6412.
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    [COMCAST] HowTo - 30 second Skip trick for the Motorola 6412 DVR

    I hope this hasn't been posed here before. If it has please ignore this. Here is a little remote programing trick I saw on another site for your Comcast remote that will give you a Tivo like 30 second skip for skipping commercials on Comcast's DVR :) 1. Press the "cable" button at the...
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    sending back equipment

    If Cablevision thinks that they can grab the receivers and run, they have something else coming. Their board of directors better be prepared to pay for someone to remove the dish and the antenna, and patch the holes on my roof or I will report them to my state Attorney General. They should have...
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    E* Troll Sales People

    It's probably not E*, but rather an E* installer that is doing this. In any case these type of misleading tactics should be reported to your state attorney general.
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    Comcast now has TNT HD!

    Very good to hear... My install is scheduled for the 28th. Hearing this makes me feel more comfortable about choosing Comcast.
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    OTA STB Time Bomb?

    Well, if they do "Kill" all the STBs, I think those customers that paid for their STBs may have some legal recourse. There is a difference between them no longer sending a SAT signal because they are out of business, and them sabotaging the remaining functionality of STBs that have been...
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    Voom to disable OTA tuner in STB?

    That's terrible... Lets hope they have a plan of action about collecting the equipment and don't cause the rest of us voomers problems like this. I'm a bit apprehensive because of the billing experience I had during the last 2 months. They never billed me for March and when I called 2...
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    Voom Box is DEAD and no OTA

    I sure hope they are not deactivating these STBs indiscriminately. They should have the decency to leave STBs that were purchased by subscribers active.
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    Two separate installers have come to my door while I have been home to offer me a deal. Both made reference to my voOm dish so I guess they were just driving around looking for voOm dishes. They must have been driving a long time :haha :haha :haha
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    I don't care if D* offered me $1000 cash... D* can kiss my ass
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    Someone SAVE VOOM

    voOm is dead and Cablevision has shown that it doesn't have the desire to do what it takes to run an HD centric DBS. The best we can all hope for is a comparable or better service to emerge from a company that won't bail out on it prematurely.
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    Voom Box is DEAD and no OTA

    Did you purchase or lease the STB?
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    Voom to disable OTA tuner in STB?

    You can add me to this group as well. I think it's only fair that Cablevision foot the bill for removing our dishes and patching up the holes. Cablevision can not hide behind a dead and rotting voOm, they must treat their customers responsibly. Had voOm been a separate company that went...
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    It isn't that I need the STBs for OTA at this point since I will have Comcast installed by the 30th and will be receiving HD locals, but I'm quite pissed at Cablevision for deciding to shutdown voOm the way they have. They have something else coming if they think they can decide when they can...
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    Interesting info... If such is the case and these STBs are so valuable to Cablevision & Motorola then I will require Cablevision to remove my dish and patch the holes on my roof when they come to pick up my STBs and leave signed paperwork indicating that the STBs were turned over.
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    Voom should enable OTA permanently!

    Even if this is the case, voom could still send a firmware update by the 30th that permanently enables OTA without the need for a "heartbeat" to remain activated. Whether they would do this is another issue.