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    New Posts not getting all new posts

    Scott, Have been noticing this for quite a while now, but haven't bothered to make detailed notes until today. The problem affects the site in two different ways. Here's the first. So my normal routine is to logon, click the NewPosts dropdown and select New Free To Air posts, read what...
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    How To Add A Space during Editing

    Maybe a dumb question (is there a FAQ anywhere?), but how do I enter a space (when editing channel names, for instance)? _ Neil
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    new microHD forum

    Scott, now that this new forum exists, can you please add it to the New Free to Air Posts selection in the New Posts dropdown menu? Thanks. _ Neil
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    free dish find on craigslist (SoCal)

    edit - It's already gone, sorry. Stopped by on my way home from work and it was nowhere to be found. ------------------------------------- Not my ad, and not of interest to me, but figured some Satellite Guy might be interested. ------------------------------------- ad # 2607469228 Free...
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    "New Posts - New FTA Forum Posts" link missing AZBox subforum

    Sorry to bug you Scott, but could you add the AZBox Discussion forum and maybe the FTA Equipment Reviews forum to those that are included when clicking the "New Posts - New FTA Forum Posts" button? Don't know if it's a recent change or since the board upgrade, but I just realized I wasn't...