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    Dead Post?

    Any clues/ I was following: The site at Usage after demise: Hacking receiver's and DVR's firmware for something else? has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired.
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    OTHER Super Jack QARL 3636+. Can you grab a ruler?

    Can anyone out there spare a few minutes and measure the outside diameter of the actuator tube of their QARL 3636+ or 24 incher? New, old in the corner of the junk pile. I need to see if the O.D. has changed in newer models. More on this later. Thanks!!
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    Here Comes The Sun

    Am I correct in thinking this is the time of year where the sun obliterates different sats throughout the day? Around 2:40pm my time at long. 78W I lost signal on 101W. A few minutes the same on 103W. Then it came back on 101. Yeah? No? Birds? Drones? Too early for a blizzard!
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    Edision OS MIO 4K vs 4K+ Comparisons from Hands On Users

    As the title says. It's been a few months now that the 4K+ has been out. Any folks out there with both models who could share their experience using them? I've had my 4K for some time now. It's so stable that I haven't even found a need to flash an image in a long time. What interests me is the...
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    SDR C/Ku Sniffing?

    Wondering if there's any interest in sniffing the IF bandwidth on satellites for signals that can be decoded using an SDR? How about tappng into the coax to keep from feeding 13/18 V into the radio? Just wondering because on sat charts I see some channels showing data or data dl which I would...
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    4:2:2 Feeds

    Alrightey. Here goes. OsMio4K doesn't play good with 4:2:2 feeds like ABC and the likes. I can open the webif in a browser and open them with VLC. And cast my PC screen to my Android smart TV, Fire devices. And I'm guessing there's not a fork of VLC to stick on the Mio. Any alternate ways to do...
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    Verizon 5G Rant

    Now I don't claim to know much on cell phones. If they work. Good. If not then who knows. Last week I lost signal. I'm in line of sight to a tower. Rebooted my phone. I got in the car and drove up to it. No signal. Drove down the hill 5 miles away and got good signal. Called Verizon and...
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    131W Any vertical tp's?

    Can anyone see if there are any V tp's on it? Changed a few things on my dish. 127 has strong V tp's. Perplexed.
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    ASC-1 Question

    Here's one for you Brian. Does the ASC-1 have dynamic braking? In other words when motor power is shut off to the actuator will the motor coast to a stop or not? And if the motor shuts off will the counter still increment/decrement? If I go out and spin the encoder by hand will I come in and see...
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    Ku band LNBF Mounting Ideas Needed

    Hi folks. Lot's of time on my hands like probably most of you too. It's time to start thinking how I'm going to mount a Ku LNBF along side of my Titanium C Band on a 12 footer with button hook feed. Since we need some fresh air would I be able to see a few photos of how you have yours mounted...
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    C-Band Scalar Question(s)

    Basically trying to pick some experienced brains. I have a button hook feed on a 12 foot dish for c band. It has the original Chaparral scalar and a C2W LNBF. From reading here there seems to be a measure/ calculate f/d / position the scalar. Not much on really tweaking the position of it. Kind...
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    OTHER Stab motor power question

    This may be way out there. Has anyone looked that the electronics inside of one of these positioners and come up with a way to run the motor with an external power supply? I was wondering because of lessons learned how power inserters can help power hungry lnbf's and increase the life of...
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    E-Channelizer Blindscan Problem

    Hey all.... I've scanned 103W with my Mio. Created a new bouquet in E-Channelizer named '103W SES 3" Moved all of the channels from Last scanned into the new bouquet. Sorted them A-Z. Then saved and wrote the info to my box. Did a blindscan on the same sat and found a couple more channels. Read...