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    Very Interesting Anomoly in Motorola 6412

    Due to the demise of VOOM, I have reverted back to Comcast for my HD source and have had more problems in the last two weeks that I had in 14 months with the service provided by VOOM. I had some problems, but not like this. I have one Motorola HD-DVR 6412 (too bad VOOM couldn't provide) and...
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    CSR Fried MY STB

    I'm on the phone to VOOM trying to sign up for VA VA Voom and this joker says he needs my S/N so I give it to him and he promptly unauthorizes my box and tells me it's not his fault. I'm talking to his supervisor now A never ending saga
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    I Love HDTV

    Hello to all. I've been watching for a while and have decided to join the forum. I had my much anticipated and many times delayed Voom install on Feb 10th and have enjoyed High-Def for 4 days now. I LOVE HIGH-DEFINITION TELEVISION!!!!!!!!!! That said, I'll tell you that almost all...