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  1. dosborn278

    Are you getting a signal from 321, 593 & 594 (post here)?

    Well I called VOOM to complain again and the CSR gave me this web address to look up if I was on the list or not I guess I should have went with DishNetwork. They apparently are providing access to the NBC channels in my area and I could have gotten an HD DVR by...
  2. dosborn278

    Are you getting a signal from 321, 593 & 594 (post here)?

    Does VOOM or NBC have a copy of this approved list posted someplace. The list you guys posted has my town included (Des Moines Iowa), but I just called VOOM and they say I am not.
  3. dosborn278

    Software Version V16 ??

    Have they done this before, and if so how long does it usually take to download the update?
  4. dosborn278

    FYI Signal Problems Tonight

    My satellite channels were freaking out so I called VOOM to see if it was on their end or my end. The CSR said that they are experiencing system wide problems and they are unsure what it is. He said hopefully the problem will work itself out by morning and if not to call back. Is anyone not...
  5. dosborn278

    Does anyone use VOOM w/ Bose Lifestyle 35 system ?

    I used the default motorola setting for my BOSE remote, but could only get it to turn the VOOM box off and on, nothing else.
  6. dosborn278

    "No info on all channels"

    Sean, I've got a couple channels that says I should be able to receive, but I'm not provided access to on my voom box. How do I get these added?
  7. dosborn278

    Local Channel Issues

    Okay, but is that a show by show formatting, or if one show on a channel is SD then does that mean they all will be?
  8. dosborn278

    "No info on all channels"

    I called and they said they were updating the satellite software and once that was done our boxes would update the info. Are you guys getting local channels this morning? I'm not.
  9. dosborn278

    Local Channel Issues

    Well I'm not getting any of my local channels now (I was geting 2 of the 5 last night), but when I did get them I didn't get them in wide screen format so I had a black bar on each side. If I changed the aspect ratio on my TV, it just scaled the balck bars along with it so I assumed it was a...
  10. dosborn278

    VOOM Installations

    Well, my VOOM install is in the process now and the guy is horrible. The installer is from two hours away. I live in the capitol of Iowa so you would think they could have found someone closer. The installer sent one guy who can't be more than 18. He has had to use my ladder and flashlight...
  11. dosborn278

    Best Remote to Use for Voom and my HT???

    I've got a Lifestyle 28, which uses the same remote. If all goes well with my hook up Saturday morning I'll let you know.
  12. dosborn278

    I just signed up.

    I just signed up for VOOM today. I'll cross my fingers and hope everything goes okay with the install. The CSR said that there wouldn't be a problem putting the antenna in my attic and that it would be included as part of the free installation.
  13. dosborn278

    OTA with Voom

    Well will they just not hook up the antenna and let me install it myself?
  14. dosborn278

    OTA with Voom

    Will they install the antenna in the attic for me? Does the antenna use a seperate coxial line than the dish?
  15. dosborn278

    Whats in the VOOM Basic Package?

    Any word on when they will be adding TechTV. That would pratically seal the deal for me.