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    Thank You letters to VOOM and Charles Dolan

    Wow.. sure wish they would have announced that sooner.. I think the Voom channels are great but made the decision to go with D* because I like the PVR better.. now I see I should be with E*. I guess I need to give the industry a year and plan to adjust again.
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    Thank You letters to VOOM and Charles Dolan

    My family and I will really miss Voom. It is the best service available, we are very happy we subscribed, and appreciate the efforts to keep it alive. Have had E*, and D*, and there is no comparison, but too few saw that. I will look for the outlet that picks up the quality programming.. and...
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    Why am I getting HDNet mapped to a local channel on VOOM?

    One of the local channels here in Dallas occasionally runs a sports event feed on their digital frequency from HDNet. But I have not seen any advance notice from KDFI (or HDNet) or the guide being accurate so it is just a guess why this is on. It is the only time I watch this station but have to...
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    Voom vs. Direct sucks!

    I sure don't understand all the comments regarding D* and Voom PQ.. what are you comparing? I have both and as far as I know the only feed you an do back to back comparisons with is Discovery, and I have. I have both sources hooked via DVI switch and on numerous occasions have done...
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    Is DVI Cable now Included?

    My installer left nothing but what was in use.. and since I already had a DVI cable off of my switch he used mine... not that I really care since I would make no use of extra cables.
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    Direct TV vs. Dish

    I guess it all depends.. I recently switched from E* to D* and left an overlap to compare, and the E* was clearly better. Four people including the D* installer agreed looking at the same material from both services. I am disappointed but have bought a D* HDTV so I will stay with them.. but cut...
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    VOOM picture quality - DVI vs. component

    It depends on the devices on both ends of the cable. I have an up-converting DVD player and an LCD RPTV where DVI is clearly better than component, but with my D* HD Tivo I see no difference to the same set. It sounds like the output produced by the Voom STB also may not be noticeably different...
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    Why shouldn't I leave D*?

    I have recently switched from E* to D* (because the D* HD Tivo is the best) but am dissappointed. The E* picture quality is clearly better and their packaging fit me better, although I do agree that D* customer dervice is much better. (I will wind up reducing my D* programming and adding Voom).
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    Looking for tips adding Voom.. (after E* and D*)

    People "think" lots of things. Just because it is repeated a lot does not make it true, and I was just reporting my surprise experience (because I listened to what people think). I switched back and forth between D* and E* and four people including the D* installer agreed that SD on D* is...
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    Looking for tips adding Voom.. (after E* and D*)

    Obviously you have not been able to do a comparison on the same equipment in a short period of time. D* looks terrible compared to E* which is one reason I am looking at adding V*. I will manage with content (and adjust), but am attracted to V* HD and packaging. I plan on keeping D* and the...
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    Looking for tips adding Voom.. (after E* and D*)

    It seems that I did not ask enough questions before I dropped Dish and picked up Direct just last week. I wanted to get the HD Tivo (which I am very happy with) but my wife and I are appalled at the SD PQ and will not watch much of the feeds that are so soft they border on blurry. The little bit...