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    streaming to ps3

    Orb works pretty good for my wii... but it's not as great as some other options since it does require online steams, not local lan streams 100% of the way.
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    How about that Wii Fit?

    Yes, that little board guy is sassy. He's always complaining about my workout time being too late if I do it after 9 PM or so. My wife also said that one time he asked her some questions about my posture and suggested that she tell me about her answers. It does try to put the We in to Wii...
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    How about that Wii Fit?

    Just about the ONLY way to get one is to preorder... most stores have some way of doing that.
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    Diablo 3 gameplay preview is out!

    Hmmm... I played D1 and D2 a LOT. I currently have a level 80 something sorcereress running around on bnet's US East server. Based on what I've seen in the D3 info available so far, it looks like it might be ok, but I have to question where they can take the story. My guess is the Prime...
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    How about that Wii Fit?

    The ONLY way to get the latest and greatest is to pre-order, and then it's a bit of a crap shoot at some places. Locally here, we find Toys R Us is the best place to shop. It's right next to a Circuit City, so most people go there first looking... hehehee... As far as wii fit goes, yes, I've...
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    wii VGCEP

    I found this website interesting... Axiom Health Tech, LLC He measures various video games by number of calories they burn per hour. Just wish he'd do more since last review was sometime in December...
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    wii question...

    How the heck do you get the parade working. I registered my friend's wii and he registered mine... I think travel is on and several miis are set to mingle. Do you have to do anything other than that?
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    How about that Wii Fit?

    I love it. Tonights the first night since we got it that I haven't worked out about 30 minutes or more on it and that's because we walked the dog tonight instead. I just unlocked snowboarding last night. That is way harder than slalom because you are pushing your weight forward and...
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    Connecting PS3 to the internet...

    talk to your isp and see if they support modems that have wireless routers built in and/or if they can get you something like that. We had to upgrade our 2wire from ATT a while back since the dang modem they originally put in died totally. We ended up upgrading to another 2 wire from them that...
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    Wii on LCD

    hmmm... interesting... wonder if resolution size matters in on screen response due to the fact that the wii has to refresh a heck of a lot more pixels on a higher res screen?
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    Bought Wii -- need input on games

    If it's sports and a wii workout you are after wii sport's boxing is the best you have. We preordered wii fit. It's gonna rock too. We mainly got the wii to work out with.. I know it can't be an entire exercise program, but read around on a few blogs and you'll see lots of people are starting...
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    Post your Wii Codes

    Just getting started in all this stuff... mine is 8978-7393-3859-8931
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    Mario Kart: Wii

    Darn blasted Mario Kart.... I don't have a WII yet. I finally got a WAF high enough to get one since the rebate money from the federal govt. comes in in about 2 weeks... so we went shopping yesterday, Saturday.... What do you know - all the blasted stores won't sell the Wii since the Mario Kart...
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    Video Game Music

    who can't love the tunes from Super Mario Bros?
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    Video game addiction: A new diagnosis?

    Sounds like you need to stay away from monthly subscription games and just go with free download ones that are free to play.
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    PS3 $100 off 7/15 - 7/21

    wait a few months... Black Friday isn't too far away...
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    Video game addiction: A new diagnosis?

    Ahhh... memories of the the good ol days of climbing in trees and falling to break an ankle, throwing yard darts at one another, and riding bikes on ramps as fast as you can so that you can jump and likely end up with a little blood as your skin smoothly brushes against the soft rocky surfaces...
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    Dejavu, Review of PS2, very similar to that of the PS3

    Both Blue Ray and HD DVD are both almost going to be obsolete before they have a chance to go mainstream... Holographic memory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Holographic Video Storage InPhase Ships Holographic Storage Quite pricy at the moment... but DVDs were too at one point...
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    Video game addiction: A new diagnosis?

    Don't forget casinos... they are an addiction to some. I've mixed my favorite two addictions, casinos and mmorpgs and now play Entropia Universe a lot. My money lasts a bit longer in there than it does on the one armed bandits! :)
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    Video game addiction: A new diagnosis?

    Is video-game addiction a mental disorder? Is video-game addiction a mental disorder? - Games -