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    Any progress on hacking the old Voom STBs?

    Hi guys, it's been a long time since I've visited SatelliteGuys. The website looks great! Actually, I haven't been by since Voom went under. After that I switched over to Comcast, which has since become Time Warner in this area. Anyway, back to the topic at hand... I was moving some stuff out...
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    [COMCAST] HowTo - 30 second Skip trick for the Motorola 6412 DVR

    I hope this hasn't been posed here before. If it has please ignore this. Here is a little remote programing trick I saw on another site for your Comcast remote that will give you a Tivo like 30 second skip for skipping commercials on Comcast's DVR :) 1. Press the "cable" button at the...
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    Suggestion: VoOm HD Movie downloads via broadband internet

    Suggestion: VoOm HD Movie downloads via broadband internet connected STB Don't stop at trying to licence VoOm content to other Cable/Satellite providers. Make VoOm HD originals available to others that are not within those cable systems. How??? Make Voom HD movies available to...
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    Voom - Yahoo Group XML/RSS Problem

    I'm getting a parsing error when I try to use RSS for Voom Yahoo Group. I use Sage RSS reader for Firefox... Today is the first time I've noticed this problem. No problem with other Voom RSS feeds.
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    Has anyone been targeted for Tues. night?

    4:30PM Central here and none of my boxes have been targeted as of yet. I was just wondering if others have been targeted.
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    Tip: Reduce lockups... Keep your STB well ventilated

    These Moto STBs get pretty hot and need adequate ventilation to prevent problems. The same was true with my STB from Comcast. Make sure you have a reasonable amount of space above your STB. Also try not the keep it in a closed cabinet if possible and never put another component on top of the...
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    Windows Media 9 HD 1080p Anamorphic @ 6.8Mbps! voOm needs WM9HD compression!

    I don't know how many of you have seen the demos but check them out here The PQ is amazing, I can't believe it's only a 6.8Mbps stream. I'm gonna hook up my pc to my 52'' tomorrow to check it out, but it looks flawless at full screen on my 22" widescreen monitor :D You do need a relatively...
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    Are your local OTA SD broadcasts with or w/o sidebars?

    I've noticed this is occurring in my area and I know several others have noticed this as well. All of the major local affiliate networks here in DFW are broadcasting black sidebars on their SD signals for some reason. This concerns me because it effectively prevents me from stretching the...